Ed Sullivan Award

May 26, 1946 – Ed Sullivan stops by the broadcast while Jack Benny is in New York to give him an award.

They mention the women’s clothing storew S. Klein, actress Joan Crawford, the railroad and coal strikes, newspaper comic Dick Tracy, communist Russia, comedian Fred Allen, and Dave Rose, the composter of a song dedicated to Jack Benny called The Waukegan Concerto.


Fred Allen’s Invitation

May 19, 1946 – Jack Benny and his cast are in New York, the home of Fred Allen. In a flashback, Fred asks Jack onto his own program for next week. This week Fred’s guest will be Phil Harris,

In this episode they reference mayor O’Dwyer, President Truman, the coal and railroad strikes, singer John Charles Thomas, comedian Jerry Colona, and Danny Kaye’s running joke “Oh really? No, O’Riley”.



Danny Kaye

April 28, 1946 – Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Dennis Day and Phil Harris go to see Danny Kaye’s new movie “The Kid From Brooklyn”.

References include the zany bandleader Spike Jones, violinists Fritz Kreisler and Jasha Heifitz, teen actors Freddie Bartholomew and Shirley Temple, gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, Crosby and Hope, Diamond Jim Brady more!