Boris Karloff (Open the Door, Richard)

January 19, 1947 – Most of this episode is recycled from March 1946, only with horror movie actor Boris Karloff. In the episode they reference the bandleader Spike Jones and the novelty song “Open the Door Richard”.



Denver March of Dimes

January 18, 1948 – Jack Benny is in Denver for a March of Dimes fundraising event. They meet the governor and mention the mayor. It happened to be the same week as the National Western Stock Show which was also hosted in Denver.

In the episode they mention Slapsy Maxi Rosenbloom, Lady Esther cosmetics, Al Jolson, and Robert Taylor who was filling in on the Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show.



Leaving For Denver (Diaper Service)

January 11, 1948 – Jack Benny is packing for his trip to Denver for a March of Dimes event. In the episode they mention radio comedian Judy Canova, Duz Soap, the movie “Ramona”, the song “Near You”, Shirley Temple who would soon have her first baby and Dinah Shore who just had her first baby. In a time before disposable diapers many people hired a diaper service to pick up old diapers and drop off clean ones.


Diaper Service

Dennis vs Kenny (Taxi Dancers)

December 22, 1940 – Christmas in New York and the premier of Jack Benny and Fred Allen’s movie “Love Thy Neighbor” was earlier in the week. Kenny Baker is back for a guest appearance and a friendly rivalry with his replacement Dennis Day.

In the episode they mention Lindy’s Restaurant, the comedy team Olsen and Johnson, stars Heddy Lamar and Lana Turner, former presidential candidate Wilkie, and the Rosalind Ballroom where you can rent a dance partner for 10¢ a dance.



The Bodyguard (Carmen Miranda)

December 15, 1940 – Just ahead of the premier for “Love Thy Neighbor”, Jack Benny gets a bodyguard to protect himself from Fred Allen’s goons.

In the episode they mention Carmen Miranda’s hats, comedian Ed Wynn, stage plays, bandleaders the calendar of desserts.