Jack Gets the House Painted (Rag Mop)

April 16, 1950 – Last week Jack Benny gave 50 cents away to a fellow that was down on his luck. This week he runs into the fellow again and we learn his name is John L. C. Savoni. It’s spring so Jack Benny gets his house painted. In this episode they mention the song “Rag Mop” by the Ames Brothers. They also mention Senitor Joseph McCarthy and his loyalty oath against communism. Plus Bob Hope, Lana Turner, Gregory Peck, Ray Maland, and Humphrey Bogart.


Rag Mop Single

Jack Benny Fiddles With The Classics (Bonus)


It’s a children’s record! Jack Benny tells the story of becoming a great violinist and how it all went wrong. Featuring the vocal talents of Mary Livingstone and Mel Blanc. Originally titled “Jack Benny Plays the Bee Ably Assisted by Isaac Stern” in 1956 it was re-released as “Jack Benny Fiddles With The Classics” in 1978.
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Jack Benny Fiddles With The ClassicsJack Benny Plays Bee Back CoverJack Benny Plays the Bee Album

Missing Heir (Poof!)

April 12, 1953 – Jack Benny gets out of the shower and realizes he’s been washing with a peeled potato instead of soap. Later a man comes looking for a missing heir to $5,000!

In the episode they mention the radio show Suspense, Gracie Allen, the opening song to the musical Oklahoma! “O What a Beautiful Morning” and the deodorant Stopette.



Poof! There goes perspiration

The Eternal Triangle (Eddie Cantor)

April 1, 1934 – This is an early episode in which Easter Sunday landed on April fool’s Day. The guest star is Eddie Cantor.

In this episode of the podcast we also talk about racism in the days of The Jack Benny Show and include portions of the Minstrel Show episode from March 29, 1942.


eddie cantor blackface

Sportsmen Quartet is Back

March 23, 1947 – After weeks without a proper quartet to sing the commercial Jack Benny is ready to swallow his pride and hire the Sportsmen Quartet back…if they can work out the contract details. In this episode they mention ladies sun suits, they typewriter, operatic singer John Charles Thomas, old time singer Al Jolson, violinist Jasha Heifetz, The Army Air Corps Song (Wild Blue Yonder), and they quote a line from the song Ol’ Man River “Tote that barge, lift that bale”.

Plus Jack Benny wonders if he can use Vigoro Complete Plant Food to get his hair to grow.