Jack Fights to Keep Sponsor

October 1, 1944 – In this wartime episode Jack Benny compares himself to General Patton. Jack is just back from a USO tour. Dennis Day has joined the Navy and Phil Harris was the replacement host for “Kay Kaiser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge”. Plus Dick Tracy characters Flattop, Gravel Gerdy, The Brow and the Summer Sisters. Plus references to Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Boris Karloff and surprise guest Fred Allen!


High Noon (Chlorophyll Toothpaste)

September 28, 1952 – In this episode Jack Benny plays Gary Cooper’s character in their version of the western “High Noon”. Dennis Day started using Chlorophyll Toothpaste. and Jack Benny had his picture in the Radio Guide.


Radio Mirror – August 1952 – Eddie Cantor, Donna Atwood, Jack BennyJack Eddie

Is the Show on the Air? (A&P Gypsies)

September 26, 1954 – A really fun episode from 1954. They mention radio shows from the 1920s – A&P Gypsies conducted by Harry Horlik and Sam ‘n’ Henry (later known as Amos ‘n’ Andy). They mention “The September Song”, Rheingold the dry beer, and Bing Crosby’s stock in the Pittsburg Pirates.


Best of Fall 1934 (First JELL-O)

The sound quality in these episodes is not the best, but it’s fun to hear the roots of the Jack Benny show. In these clips they mention a boxing match between Barney Ross and Jimmy McLarnin. Pitcher Dizzy Dean, crooner Bing Crosby, violinist Heifetz, The poem Gunga Din, Actor George Arliss, poet Henry W Longfellow, Jack Benny’s movie Transatlantic Merry Go Round, and Popeye the Sailor. Plus Jack recives the Radio Stars Magazine award For Distinguished Service To Radio.  

September 14, 1934 – School Days (clips)

September 21, 1934 – Boxing Match (clips)

October 14, 1934 – First Episode fro JELL-O (clips)

October 21, 1934 – Grocery Store (full episode)


Return to Paradise (Woman’s Home Companion)

September 20, 1953 – Jack and the gang do their version of Gary Cooper’s new movie “Return to Paradise”. They mention Ralph Edwards’ This is Your Life, miners union president John L Lewis, president Eisenhower, Tallulah Bankhead, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardener. Plus, Mary Livingstone on the cover of Women’s Home Companion magazine.


whc Oct53


All Hands on Deck (Shrimp Boats)

April 20, 1952 – This episode was broadcast from the Naval Air Station in San Diego, California. They mention Navy related things like the F9F fighter jet and WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service). Plus, the Poodle Hairstyle, Guy Lombardo and the song “Shrimp Boats”.


My Naval Career

March 30, 1952 – Broadcasting from the Naval Training Centre in San Diego It’s the Jack Benny Program. In this episode Jack recreates his time in the Navy. They mention the Navy’s theme song “Anchors Aweigh” and the Essex aircraft carrier. Plus Hopalong Cassidy and the drug APC (Aspirin Phenacetin Caffeine) for headaches and colds.