My Naval Career

March 30, 1952 – Broadcasting from the Naval Training Centre in San Diego It’s the Jack Benny Program. In this episode Jack recreates his time in the Navy. They mention the Navy’s theme song “Anchors Aweigh” and the Essex aircraft carrier. Plus Hopalong Cassidy and the drug APC (Aspirin Phenacetin Caffeine) for headaches and colds.


The Life of Philbert Harris (Mr. DA)

May 25, 1941 – Phil Harris is back from his honeymoon with Alice Faye, so Don Wilson does a play called “The Life of Philbert Harris” loosely based on his life. Plus Regular Fellers, Lindy’s restaurant, Abe Lyman, Meredith Wilson Kenny Baker and Hair Tonic. Tomas E Dewey comes for a promotional segment raising money for the USO.


Murder at the Movies (Again)

April 27, 1941 – Listen for the mention of the greatest bandleader of all time Glenn Miller. In the skit they go to the movie theater and “The Road to Zanzibar” is on the Marquee.

This episode uses parts of an old script. The sound quality is also quite poor. You might want to listen to December 4, 1938 or May 2, 1948 instead.



No Script (Robot)

January 12, 1941 – In this episode Jack is late with no script. His writers are not worried. This is a very funny episode on a whole different level. References include Popeye cartoons, Jazzbo ties, Presidential candidate Wendell Wilkie, and the New York Rangers hockey team. Plus, listen for an interesting look at the phrase “Long time, no see”. And a robot!


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