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Each week on Famous Stories you will hear some info and clips from a famous story by the master storyteller of the early 20th century, Damon Runyon. Then the feature presentation is the 1948/1949 old time radio show “The Damon Runyon Theater”. Hosted by John Henderson from the podcast This Day in Jack Benny. Subscribe now!


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Episode 3

“Romance in the Roaring Forties”
The Damon Runyon Theater
October 17, 1948

Opening Music: “I’ve Never Been in Love Before” by Bing Crosby covering of song from Guys and Dolls

Clip: Episode of 1994 television show Broadway Stories


Episode 2

“Little Miss Marker”
The Damon Runyon Theater
October 10, 1948

Opening Music: “Broadway Rhythm” from Bloodhounds of Broadway

Clip: Shirley Temple from Damon Runyon’s Little Miss Marker (1934)


Episode 1

“Tobias The Terrible”
The Damon Runyon Theater
October 3, 1948

Opening Music“Runyonland” from Guys and Dolls

Clip: Walter Winchell voice over from Sorrowful Jones (1949)


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Background Music: “If I Were A Bell” by Miles Davis