Guest Phil Baker

December 1, 1946 – It has been a few years since Jack benny’s appearance on the game show “Take It or Leave It” and he still thinks he should have won the money. The host Phil Baker visits in this episode and accompanies Jack on accordion. Plus they mention “The Count of Monte Cristo”, Lassie, John L Lewis and Phil Harris’ show.


phil baker 46

The Killers (Edward G Robinson)

November 24, 1946 – Jack Benny welcomes gangster star Edward G Robinson for their version of the movie “The Killers”.  References include Hollywood’s Santa Claus Lane Parade, Eversharp razors, the gangster movie Little Cesar, and the songs “Rumors are Flying”, “The Missouri Waltz”, and “Holiday for Strings”.



Jack Gets a Haircut

November 10, 1946 – Jack Benny gets a haircut from Rochester. When the Sportsmen quartet come to do the commercial Jack fires and re-hires them.

They reference the singer Hildegarde, the song Stardust and the musicians union leader Petrillo. Movies “The Strange love of Martha Ivers”, and the actress Merle Oberon. Radio shows Fibber MacGee and Molly, A Date With Judy, and The Phil Harris show. Plus Duz Soap, a fountain pen that can write underwater and Mary’s Chizz Sweese flub.



After Halloween (Man of Distinction)

November 3, 1946 – Jack Benny tries to break his contract with the Sportsmen quartet. They mention the movies “The Killer”, “Margie” and “Breakfast in Hollywood” starring Tom Breneman. They also sing the song “Shine on Harvest Moon”. Plus the Lord Calvert Whiskey ads featuring The Men of Distinction.


The Quartet Murder (Chiss Sweese)

October 27, 1946 – This old time radio episode of the Jack Benny Program is famous for the mistake that Mary Livingstone made when trying to say “Swiss Cheese”.

They mention dance instructor Arthur Murry, musician union president Patrillo, ballplayer Hank Greenberg, and the fictional character The Mad Russian. They also mention the department store Eastern Columbia, the Native American baby carrier a papoose, a Lincoln quote “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”.