Jack Fires The Sportsmen (Nora Prentiss)

February 23, 1947 – Jack Benny mentions this episode specifically in this memoirs. He says the he was particularly proud of his timing in the phone call with the sponsor at the end of the episode. In this episode they mention Edger Bergan & Charlie McCarthy, DownBeat magazine, the Esquire girl, Bugs Bunny, Disney’s The Song of the South, The Yearling, Lassie, and Nora Prentiss.


NoraPosterthe yearling

It’s a Wonderful Life

February 2, 1947 – Frank Capra, the director of “It’s a Wonderful Life” is the guest in this episode. Jack Benny thinks the movie’s premise is silly until he meets his own angel that shows him where the Mary, Dennis, Don and Phil would be if Jack had never been born. Plus references to “The Song of the South” Disney’s controversial movie, “The Bride and Groom Program” where real couples tell their love story, “The Fred Allen Program” and two men in the news who both claim to be the governor of Georgia.


Burns and Allen Tune In

January 12, 1947 – Gracie wants to listen to Jack benny on the radio. George Burn and Gracie Allen come over. They mention singers Dick Haymes, Andy Russell, and Bing Crosby. Pianist Jose Iturpi, and opera singer Lilly Pons. Plus the books “Strange Fruit” and ” The Razor’s Edge”. And finally, the radio soap opera Dr. Christian.


Barber Shop (Dinah Shore)

January 13, 1952 – In this episode of the Jack Benny program Jack is trying to get someone to make a record of the song that he wrote. He calls Dinah Shore and her husband George Montgomery. Then he gets his haircut and is entertained by a barber shop quartette.


dinah shore mrsmont