Brewster’s Millions (Buck Benny Part 9)

February 21, 1937 – Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone had starred in this week’s episode of the Lux Radio Theater in a play called “Brewster’s Millions”. 

References include Irene Dunn in “Theadora Goes Wild”, Cathrine Hepburn, Sarah Burnhardt, Goody Ace, Jack Pearl, Phil Baker, Walter Winchel and Ed Sullivan.


Buck Jones (Buck Benny Part 8)

January 17, 1937 – The Jack Benny / Fred Allen feud continues with Fred claiming that Jack’s violin only had two strings. Plus Jack and the cast continue the Buck Benny saga with a special guest star – Universal Pictures western star Buck Jones.

Plus Andy Devine. and references to William S Hart, Harry Cooper the golfer, and movies “The Good Earth”, Mr.Deeds Goes to Town, and “After The Thin Man”.


Fred Allen Feud Begins (Buck Benny Part 7)

January 10, 1937 – After Jack Benny’s little comment last week, Fred Allen really ramps up the feud on his show by asking each of his amateur guests about Jack’s violin playing.

Jack Benny also hosted the Paramount Silver Jubilee for Adolph Zukor. They mention Carole Lombard, Clark Gable, Fred MacMurray and Mary Boland. Plus some older terms – “fright wig” and “setting-up exercises”.


The Knocking Man (Buck Benny Part 6)

January 3, 1937 – This is the first episode of the Jack Benny-Fred Allen feud. It begins with a simple comment tagged on to the end of this episode.

Plus the first episode with The Knocking Man played by Harry Baldwin and references to Clark Gable, radio character comedian Bob Burns and Jack’s movie “College Holiday”.


The Knocking Man