Anthony Adverse Part 1

October 11, 1936 – Jack Benny and the gang spoof the major motion picture “Anthony Adverse”. At least the first half of the movie.

In the episode they mention The NY Giants World Series loss, radio programs Little Orphan Annie, Manhattan Merry Go Round, Phil Baker, Eddie Cantor, Amos ‘n Andy, plus movie stars Carole Lombard, Robert Taylor, Joan Bennett, and Claudette Colbert.


Charlie McCarthy (Service Pin)

October 13, 1946 – Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone walk to the studio and run into Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy. 

References include post-war meat and soap shortages, the honorable discharge lapel button (AKA Raptured Duck), news commentator Gabriel Heatter, Game 6 in the World Series, Hedy Lamar’s baby, Bing Crosby, and Fred Allen.


Calls of Congratulations (World Series)

October 6, 1946 – Jack Benny is celebrating 15 years on the radio! Like last year, he is tuning in to the Word Series.

In this episode they mention Russian diplomats Gromyko and Molotov, the song “Thy Gypsy”, actresses Ingrid Bergman and Betty Grable, bandleader Harry James, radio programs “The Charlie McCarthy Show”, and Fred Allen.


Garden of Evil (Rehearsal)

October 3, 1954 – A special presentation of the master tape recording of this episode plus selected portions of the rehearsal.

In this episode they play a jingle written by Jack’s arranger Mahlon Merrick. It was the theme song to the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports called “Look Shark / Be Sharp March”.

They mention Irving Berlin’s song “No Business Like Show Business”. They also mention a couple of new CinemaScope movies, “The Egyptian” and “The Garden of Evil”.


Brewster’s Millions (Buck Benny Part 9)

February 21, 1937 – Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone had starred in this week’s episode of the Lux Radio Theater in a play called “Brewster’s Millions”. 

References include Irene Dunn in “Theadora Goes Wild”, Cathrine Hepburn, Sarah Burnhardt, Goody Ace, Jack Pearl, Phil Baker, Walter Winchel and Ed Sullivan.