Bob Hope’s Brother

April 16, 1944 – The Bob Hope Show Parody. Jack benny and the gang are broadcasting from Stockton Airfield in San Joaquin county.

They mention Jack’s movie “Charlie’s Aunt”, bandleader Tommy Dorsey, Mel Blanc character Private Sad Sack, gas coupons, and an in depth look at the Bob Hope radio show including cast members Francis Langford, Professor Colona, Vera Vague and the Pepsodent ad featuring ‘poor Miriam’.


Louella Parsons

April 2, 1944 – Louella Parsons about Jack’s movie. Gossip columnist Louella Parsons is expected to visit for an interview with Jack benny (and promote her book “The Gay Illiterate”.

They mention Jack Benny’s USO tour in Africa, Jimmy Star’s book “The Corpse Came C.O.D.”, movie stars Gary Cooper, Hedy Lamarr, Lionel Barrymore, Spencer Tracy, W.C. Fields, Claudette Colbert and the fictional villain Fu Manchu.


How Jack Found Phil (Nebraska Admiral)

April 1, 1945 – Jack Benny has received the honorary title of “Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska” and it’s going to his head. Then he tells the story of how he found Phil Harris in 1935. We also find out how he met his girlfriend who sings “My Melancholy Baby”.


Barbara Stanwyck (Mairzy Doats)

March 19, 1944 – Dennis dreams he has his own show. Barbara Stanwyck is the guest star.

References include the Merry Mac’s hit song “Mairzy Doats”, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, Henry Morgenthau, Paul Lukas, Dorothy Lamour, Nelson Eddie and Jeanette MacDonald, Gypsy Rose Lee and more.


Twenty Questions

March 14, 1954 – A recycled script from November 5, 1950. On the train to Los Angeles Jack benny and the gang are playing 20 questions.

They mention actors Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stuart, Gary Cooper and Walter Pigeon. They reference the commercial jingles “How are you fixed for blades” and Pepsi cola. They mention Jack’s January TV episode with Liberace, and more!