English Drawing Room

April 18, 1937 – Lady Milicent’s Husband is the name of the English drawing room drama that Jack Benny and the gang put on.

References include Jeeves and Wooster, the actor Gary Cooper, casting for “Gone With The Wind”, the movies “Lost Horizon”, “Tarzan Escapes” and Jack Benny’s movie “College Holiday.


thank you Jeeves

Buck Benny, Burns and Allen

April 11, 1937 – Guests Burns and Allen join Jack Benny for Buck Benny Rides Again (part 10).

References include the comedy trio The Ritz Brothers, the actor Adolphe Menjou, Ben Bernie’s catchphrase “Yowsa”. Plus a joke about shoe trees.


burns allen benny livingstone 2

burns allen benny livingstone

Shoe trees 1930s
Shoe Trees