Cass Daley (Contest Idea)

November 25, 1945 – Jack Benny is still dealing with all the trouble his publicity agent has caused, but this is only the begining. Plus an appearance by Cass Daley of the Fitch Bandwagon.

References include Dick Tracy (Itchy stuck in the tunnel), the movie “Spellbound”, the song “Sweet Leilani”, used car dealers The Smiling Irishman and Madman Muntz, and Boris Karlof on Fred Allen’s radio show.



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JACK BENNY and the Golden Age of American Radio Comedy Audiobook

By Kathryn H. Fuller-Seeley
Read by Stephanie Henderson

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Author Kathy Fuller-Seeley Interview (2016) Part 1

Kathy Fuller-Seeley is a media history professor at University of Texas at Austin and a Jack Benny fan club member. She is currently writing book called “Jack Benny and the Golden Age of American Radio Comedy” and in the process has obtained and read nearly all of the scripts to the lost episodes.

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This Day in Jack Benny Vault

The Indy 500

May 31, 1953 – Jack Benny listens to the Indianapolis 500 race on the radio.

References include jailbreaker Willie Sutton, actors Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Humphrey Bogart and George Montomery (Fort Ti), director Mervyn LeRoy (Quo Vatis), and the catchphrase from the Jackie Gleason show’s The Homeymooners “One of these Days…pow! Right in the kisser.”



I Flew to Mars (Space Patrol)

May 17, 1953 – Jack Banny takes the plot of the movie “Flight to Mars” and the characters from the TV show “Space Patrol” to do his own science fiction play “I Flew to Mars in a Space Ship”.

Reference include the MC convertible, “The Girl Next Door” with Dennis Day and more!


Flight to Mars