The Jack Benny Program 1947

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January 5, 1947 – Bogie and Bacall

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1947 Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall are the guests in a recreation of the movie “To Have and Have Not” that goes awry.


January 12, 1947 – Burns and Allen Tune In

In this EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program George Burns and Gracie Allen visit. Listen to find out why Gracie tries to kiss Jack.


borisbedlemJanuary 19, 1947 – Boris Karloff

January 19, 1947 – Most of this episode is recycled from March 1946, only with horror movie actor Boris Karloff.


POH-A7A08B29_299 - © - Archives du 7e Art/DR

January 26, 1947 – John Benny

In this EPISODE from 1947 Jack Benny announces he is changing his name to something more dignified, John Benny. Then they do a skit based on the movie “Margie”.


Margie 1946

February 2, 1947 – It’s a Wonderful Life

After seeing “It’s a Wonderful Life” at the movies Jack Benny meets and angel who shows him what it would be like if he had never been born. They also happen to run into Frank Capra, in this EPISODE from 1947.


February 9, 1947 – What Happens After the Show Goes off the Air

JackBennyViolin1947February 16, 1947 – Birthday Dinner Party

In this EPISODE Jack Benny hosts a dinner party for his birthday with Isaac Stern the violinist, actor Ronald Colman.


February 23, 1947 – Jack Fires The Sportsmen

In this memoirs Jack Benny said that he was particularly proud of his timing in this episode.


March 2, 1947 – Quartet Has Been Fired

In this EPISODE we find out what happens after Jack Benny fires the Sportsman quartet. The sponsor is not happy.


March 9, 1947 – Replacement Quartet

In this EPISODE Jack Benny on his violin is compared to the latest horror movie in theaters.


March 13, 1947 – Jack Benny Hosts 1947 Oscars

Listen to this BONUS EPISODE of the 19th Academy Awards Ceremony hosted by Jack Benny.


March 16, 1947 – After the Oscars

in this EPISODE Jack Benny introduces his new quartet – Dennis Day, Andy Russell, Dick Haymes and Bing Crosby.


March 23, 1947 – Sportsmen Quartet is Back

In this EPISODE from 1947 Mary Livingstone is gardening and Jack Benny silently wonders if he can use Vigoro Plant Grow on his head.


Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 9.21.06 PMApril 6, 1947 – Samuel Goldwyn

It’s Easter Day! After an egg hunt, Jack Benny goes to pitch a movie idea to producer Samuel Goldwyn.


April 13, 1947 – Jack Fixes a Phonograph

Listen to the intro to this EPISODE for a clipping from a Newsweek cover story about Jack Benny

Right now Jack Benny is the funniest man on radio.
-Newsweek March 31, 1947


April 20, 1947 – The Egg and I

The late lobby cardApril 27, 1947 – Tickets for the Colmans

In this EPISODE Jack Benny is getting ready for his stage tour and drops off tickets to his program for Ronald and Benita Colman.


May 4, 1947 – To the Train Station for Chicago

May 11, 1947 – Marjorie Reynolds

May 18, 1947 – Al Jolson

May 25, 1947 – Fred Allen and Jack Paar

October 5, 1947 – Jack Is Back from Sun Valley Vacation

October 12, 1947 – Jack Fixes Breakfast

October 19, 1947 – Golf Match

Jack Benny is on the green in this EPISODE from 1947.


October 26, 1947 – Seventh Hole at Hillcrest Country Club

November 2, 1947 – Dark Passage

Jack Benny take on the Humphrey Bogart role in “Dark Passage” as fugitive who must change his face.


November 9, 1947 – Costume Party

Dennis Day impersonates Ronald Coleman in one of the laugh out loud funniest episodes ever!


November 16, 1947 – Jack’s Driver’s License

In this EPISODE Jack Benny goes to get his driver’s license renewed.


November 23, 1947 – Movie of Jack’s Life 

November 30, 1947 – Turkey Dream

December 7, 1947 – Violin Lesson

December 14, 1947 – Sprained Ankle

December 21, 1947 – Last Minute Christmas Shopping

December 28, 1947 – 1947 Review

In this New Years EPISODE of Jack Benny they mention the “New Look” in fashion from 1947.


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The Jack Benny Program 1946

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January 6, 1946 – The Hot Dog Man

This is the first EPISODE of Jack Benny with the hot dog man who we later come to know as Mr. Kitzel singing “Pickle in the middle and the mustard on top!”


State-Fair-pig-lobbyJanuary 13, 1946 – State Fair Part One

This episode features an Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy impersonator and the gang spoofs the movie “State Fair”.


State Fair PosterJanuary 20, 1946 – State Fair Part Two

In this episode Jack Benny and the gang continue their spoof of the musical “State Fair”.


One-zy two-zy 46January 27, 1946 – Contest Winners

Fred Allen Announces Contest Winners and Phil Harris sings “One-zy, Two-zy” with his daughter.


February 3, 1946 – Isaac Stern Concert

Ronald Colman reads the winning poem from the I Can’t Stand Jack Benny contest.


February 10, 1946 – Guest Eddie Cantor

Eddie Cantor is the guest star on this EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program.


February 17, 1946 – Rochester Lost at Sea …Briefly

Rochester was really lost at sea the week of this EPISODE from 1945.


February 24, 1946 – Palm Springs Shopping

This EPISODE from 1946 will have you singing “Pickle in the middle and the mustard on top!”


March 3, 1946 – Murder at Lone Palm

This EPISODE starts a bit slow, but gets really funny at the 10 minute mark when Jack gets to the studio.


March 10, 1946 – Lost Weekend

The Lost Weekend was the Best Picture winner of 1945. In this EPISODE the star of that movie was Benny’s guest.


March 17, 1946 – Dennis Day Returns

In this EPISODE the cast of The Jack Benny Program impersonate the cast of the Fred Allen show.


Peter-Lorre-1946March 24, 1946 – I Stand Condemned

This EPISODE of the Jack Benny program from 1946 has a surprise guest with a famously creepy voice.


March 31, 1946 – A Sad Soldier Discharged

Listen to this lively EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program recorded at a military base in California.


April 7, 1946 – Weekend at the Acme Plaza

RonnieandBscriptmicApril 14, 1946 – Violin Practice

Jack Benny’s violin practice interrupts Ronald Colman’s monologue.


USSSaratoga1946April 21, 1946 – USS Saratoga

In this EPISODE Jack Benny entertains aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga, which was being made ready for an atom bomb test.


April 28, 1946 – Danny Kaye

In this EPISODE Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Dennis Day and Phil Harris go to see Danny Kaye’s new movie “The Kid From Brooklyn”.


May 5, 1946 – Leaving For Chicago

All aboard the Chief train to Chicago! Jack Benny and the gang get ready for their upcoming trip.


May 12, 1946 – Chicago Quiz Kids

In this EPISODE Jack Benny is visiting Chicago and challenges The Quiz Kids to a trivia contest.


1946-nyMay 19, 1946 – Fred Allen’s Invitation

In this EPISODE Jack Benny and his cast are in New York, the home of Jack’s rival Fred Allen.


May 26, 1946 – Ed Sullivan Award

Classical music composer David Rose, wrote a song dedicated to Jack Benny called “The Waukegan Concerto”.


September 29, 1946 – Phil and Dennis Have Their Own Shows

This day in 1946 Jack Benny is humming the hit song of the day “South America, Take it Away”.


October 6, 1946 – Calls of Congratulations

It’s Jack Benny’s 15th anniversary on the air and Jack gets calls of congratulations. They tune in to the 1946 World Series on the radio and things don’t quite go as planned.


October 13, 1946 – Charlie McCarthy

Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone walk to the studio and run into Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.



October 20, 1946 – The Fiddler

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny they joke about cereal that makes noise when you add the cream – *Snap *Crackle *Pop!.


October 27, 1946 – The Quartet Murder

Mary Livingstone orders a “Swiss Cheese” sandwich.


November 3, 1946 – After Halloween

Jack Benny tries to break his contract with the Sportsmen quartet. Plus the Lord Calvert Whiskey ads featuring The Men of Distinction.


adatewjradioNovember 10, 1946 – Jack Gets a Haircut

Jack fires and re-hires the Sportsmen quartet.


November 17, 1946 – Leo Durocher

In this EPISODE from 1946 Jack Benny’s neighbor Ronald Coleman meets loud-mouth baseball manager Leo Durocher.


killers-1946November 24, 1946 – The Killers

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny the gangster star Edward G Robinson shows up for their version of the suspense thriller “The Killers”.


phil baker 46December 1, 1946 – Phil Baker

After his violin lesson with Professor LeBlanc, Jack Benny does a duet with Phil Baker on accordion.


December 8, 1946 – Christmas Shopping

One of the best of Jack Benny! In this EPISODE from 1946 Jack goes Christmas shopping and can’t decide what kind of shoelaces to get his announcer.


December 15, 1946 – Jack Exchanges Dons Gift

This Jack Benny EPISODE is a fun follow up to the classic Christmas shopping show. Plus they make fun of this car.


December 22, 1946 – Christmas Party at Birmingham General Hospital

December 29, 1946 – Go to a Night Club

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The Jack Benny Program 1945

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January 7, 1945 – The Vault

This is the debut episode of Jack Benny’s vault, the racetrack tout, and Mel Blank’s train announcer who always announces “Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga”.


mrsnussbaumJanuary 14, 1945 – Mrs. Nussbaum’s Restaurant

Broadcasting from New York, this episode features Fred Allen.


January 21, 1945 – Ice Skating in Central Park

January 28, 1945 – From Mitchell Field with Ann Sheridan

February 4, 1945 – From St Albans Naval Hospital in New York

February 11, 1945 – From Glen View AFB, Illinois

February 18, 1945 – From St Joseph Missouri

February 25, 1945 – Fitzsimons Hospital in Denver

March 4, 1945 – From Hollywood Train Station

March 11, 1945 – How Jack Met Rochester

March 18, 1945 – How Jack Found Mary

March 25, 1945 – Murder Mystery

April 1, 1945 – How Jack Met Phil Harris

Jack Benny has received the honorary title of “Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska” and it’s going to his head.


April 8, 1945 – Torney Hospital in Palm Springs

April 22, 1945 – 29 Palms Air Station

April 29, 1945 – Professor LeBlanc

May 6, 1945 – How Jack Hired Don Wilson

May 13, 1945 – Jack Is Going to San Francisco

May 20, 1945 – In San Francisco

May 27, 1945 – Larry Adler

It’s the last show of the season before Jack Benny goes on his USO tour in Europe with harmonica player Larry Adler.


September 30, 1945 – Steve Bradley Publicity Man

eddetsfield-oct41October 7, 1945 – Brooklyn Dodgers

Phil Harris is in love, and Mary Livingstone goes to a World Series game with Jack Benny.


October 14, 1945 – Gaslight

Ingrid Bergman reprises her Oscar-winning role in “Gaslight”.


October 21, 1945 – Racehorse Dream

In this EPISODE Jack Benny and the gang talk about the latest horse race. Plus Tokyo Rose.


October 28, 1945 – Publicity Stunt

In this EPISODE Jack Benny runs a publicity stunt and news commentator Erskine Johnson plays himself with the scoop.


November 4, 1945 – Jack in Bed

November 11, 1945 – Joe Louis Acts As Jack’s Bodyguard

November 18, 1945 – Birmingham Hospital

Broadcasting from Birmingham Hospital in Van Nuys, California. Prize fighter Joe Louis wants Jack Benny to teach him comedy.


CassDaley1945November 25, 1945 – Cass Daley

This episode features a brief but exuberant appearance by radio comedy star Cass Daley.


pile of mailDecember 2, 1945 – I Can’t Stand Jack Benny Contest

Finish this sentence “I can’t stand Jack Benny because…” in 50 words or less.


December 9, 1945 – Ronald and Benita Colman

This is the first episode with Ronald and Benita Colman and the second episode of the “I Can’t Stand Jack Benny Because…” contest.


i cant stand mailmanDecember 16, 1945 – Contest Mail

Jack benny gets a lot or mail for the “I Can’s Stand Jack Benny” contest. Gossip Columnist Louella parsons has a cameo.


December 23, 1945 – The English Butler

The Colemans visit Jack Benny for Christmas dinner in this EPISODE from 1945.


rochester mail-crop
December 30, 1945 – End of the “Can’t Stand Benny” Contest

Thousands of people sent in letters (50 words or less) as part of a contest in 1945. Listeners were told to finish the sentence “I Can’t Stand Jack Benny Because…”. In this EPISODE Jack gets the letters in the mail.


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The Jack Benny Program 1944

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Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill

January 2, 1944 – New Years Eve
This day in 1944 Jack Benny and friends look back on the year with the allegory of The World Series: The Axis vs The Allies.


Camel1943January 9, 1944 – Pet Camel

In this EPISODE Jack Benny takes home his new pet camel. The camel sounds are performed by a young Stan Freberg in his only appearance on the Jack Benny show.


January 16, 1944 – From Camp El Toro California

January 23, 1944 – From Camp Muroc California

January 30, 1944 – The Horns Blows at Midnight

In this EPISODE Jack Benny fights for a love scene in his upcoming movie “The Horn Blows at Midnight”.


February 6, 1944 – From Terminal Island 

February 13, 1944 – From March Field

February 20, 1944 – Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx is the guest on this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1944.


February 27, 1944 – Hollywood Canteen

surrey with ethe fringe on topMarch 5, 1944 – Now Cut That Out!

In this episode Jack Benny responds to Fred Allen calling him “The Surrey With No Fringe On Top”. It’s also the first time Jack says NOW CUT THAT OUT!


robert taylor navyMarch 12, 1944 – Live at Air Base

In this EPISODE Jack Benny and the gang are live at a Navy air base near San Fransisco.


March 19, 1944 – Barbara Stanwyck

Dennis dreams he has his own show. Barbara Stanwyck is the guest star. References include the Merry Mac’s hit song “Mairzy Doats”.


April 2, 1944 – Louella Parsons

Gossip columnist Louella Parsons is expected to visit for an interview with Jack benny.


April 9, 1944 – Repairing Jack’s Sidewalk

April 16, 1944 – Bob Hope’s Brother

April 16, 1944 – The Bob Hope Show Parody. Jack benny and the gang are broadcasting from Stockton Airfield in San Joaquin county.


April 23, 1944 – Dennis Leaves for the Navy

Broadcasting from Vancouver BC, Canada. This is his last episode before Dennis Day leaves for the Navy.


April 28, 1944 – The Life Story of Jack Benny

May 4, 1944 – G.I. Jive

This is the last EPISODE sponsored by Grape Nuts Flakes in which Phil Harris sings “G.I. Jive”.


May 21, 1944 – Split Personality

Funny EPISODE of the Jack Benny Show. The death of a fictional gangster and “Sympathy Cough Syrup. Remember, Sympathy spelled backwards is Yhtapmys”


June 14, 1944 – Infantry

Jack Benny at Camp Adair, Oregon in May 14, 1944. Listen to this EPISODE for the infantry.


October 1, 1944 – New Sponsor Lucky Strike

In this wartime EPISODE Jack Benny compares himself to General Patton. Jack is just back from entertaining the troops with the USO.


1944 sinatra
October 8, 1944 – Frank Sinatra Offered Dennis’ Job

Frank Sinatra is a guest on this EPISODE from 1944. Plus Jack Benny tries to tip with expired ration tokens.


October 15, 1944 – From Gardner Field Taft California

November 5, 1944 – The Mentalist

Jack Benny visits Dunninger the mentalists and finds a news singer, Larry Stevens.


November 19, 1944 – From Corona Naval Hospital

November 26, 1944 – How Jack and the Gang Spent Thanksgiving Day

December 3, 1944 – Jack Gets Mad and Goes Home

December 10, 1944 – From San Bernardino California

December 17, 1944 – Meeting Frank Sinatra in the Drugstore

December 24, 1944 – Trimming a Tree

December 31, 1944 – Jack Resolves to Be Friends with Fred Allen

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The Jack Benny Program 1943

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January 3, 1943 – Bear Hunting

January 10, 1943 – The Sixty-Four Dollar Question

oscar jack benny43January 17, 1943 – Oscar Levant

In this EPISODE Jack Benny is getting ready to play the violin at Carnegie Hall with guest stars Oscar Levant and Joe Besser.



McFarland TwinsJanuary 24, 1943 – The McFarland Twins

Jack Benny talks with his guest bandleaders, The McFarland Twins, about the DC housing shortage.


January 31, 1943 – From Quantico Virginia

February 7, 1943 – Jack Is Late for the Program

February 14, 1943 – From Ontario Canada

February 21, 1943 – Chicago Monument for Jack

Judo military
February 28, 1943 – Kit Carson

Jack Benny learns Judo from the military police in training at Fort Custer, Michigan.



Gracie Allen Piano 1943March 7, 1943 – Burns and Allen Host

With Jack Benny sick, Burns and Allen fill in. Gracie practices her “Concerto For Index Finger” which she hopes to play at Carnegie Hall.



march 14, 1943 adMarch 14, 1943 – Phil Harris Returns

Orson Welles fills in for Jack Benny and Phil Harris returns to the program after three months in the Merchant Marines.



1943-welles steps in1
March 21, 1943 – Orson Welles Hosts Again

Host Orson Welles fills in for Jack Benny and takes cast to his movie set.


1943-welles steps in2
March 28, 1943 – Orson Welles Still Hosts

March 28, 1943 – Orson Welles fills in for Jack a third time and does a murder mystery.


rrrh-wolfApril 4, 1943 – Final Orson Welles Host

Little Red Riding Hood with guest host Orson Welles filling in one last time for Jack Benny.


1943-welles steps in3April 11, 1943 – Recovering from Illness

 Jack Benny returns to the show after illness. Orson Welles has been filling in for the past four weeks.



April 18, 1943 – Jack Opens Swimming Pool for the Season

April 25, 1943 – Rochester’s Horse Is in the Kentucky Derby

May 2, 1943 – Renting Eddie Cantor’s House

May 16, 1943 – Rancho Benny

May 23, 1943 – Parachute Jump 

October 10, 1943 – Jack Recalls His African Trip

October 17, 1943 – Casablanca

October 24, 1943 – Algiers

October 31, 1943 – Jack Pretends He Is Going to Brazil 

November 7, 1943 – The Marine Corps

This EPISODE of Jack Benny took place during WWII. They are broadcasting from a US Marine Corps Air Base.


November 14, 1943 – The Lone Palm

November 21, 1943 – Jack Dreams He’s a Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from the front lines! In this EPISODE Jack Benny dreams he is a turkey on Thanksgiving.


November 28, 1943 – Dennis Wants a Raise

December 5, 1943 – Driver’s License Test

Jack Benny has a new car after getting rid of the Maxwell and has to go in for a driver’s test. Download

December 12, 1943 – Dennis’ Mother Visits

December 19, 1943 – Jack and Mary Go Christmas Shopping

December 26, 1943-12-26 Christmas at Jack’s House

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