The Jack Benny Program 1937

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The Knocking ManJanuary 3, 1937 – The Knocking Man

Knock Knock Knock. This is the first episode with The Knocking Man, and also the beginning of the Benny / Allen Feud.


January 10, 1937 – Fred Allen Feud Begins

After Jack Benny’s little comment last week, Fred Allen really ramps up the feud on his show and Jack is not happy.


January 17, 1937 – Buck Jones

Jack and the cast continue the Buck Benny saga with a special guest star – Universal Pictures western star Buck Jones.


January 24, 1937 – Dinner at Phil’s

Jack Practices The Bee as the feud between Jack Benny and Fred Allen ramps up.


January 31, 1937 – Lucy Belle

Jack Benny says he will play ‘The Bee’ next Sunday. In the mean time Jack has Nightmares of Fred Allen.


julius ceasar statue
February 7, 1937 – Ready to Play The Bee

After hearing 10-year-old Stuart Canin play Schubert’s “The Bee” on The Fred Allen Program, Jack Benny is Ready to play “The Bee” himself.


February 14, 1937 – Jack Benny’s Birthday

On Jack Benny’s birthday, radio bandleader Ben Bernie shows up and offers to lend Jack his violin so that he can play “The Bee” and settle the feud with Fred Allen.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Brewsters_poster.jpgFebruary 21, 1937 – Brewster’s Millions

Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone had starred in this week’s episode of the Lux Radio Theater in a play called “Brewster’s Millions”.


February 28, 1937 – Jack’s Violin Returned

A racehorse named Seabiscuit was fast becoming famous.


March 7, 1937 – Stuart Canin

Broadcasting from New York City at the height of the Benny / Allen feud, the boy who started it all, 10-year-old violinist Stuart Canin is a guest.


March 14, 1937 – Jack Benny vs Fred Allen

From the Hotel Peirre in New York Jack Benny Faces off against Fred Allen in the Fight of the Century! Plus Mary Livingstone Sings.


March 21, 1937 – From New York

March 28, 1937 – The Train Porter

April 4, 1937 – Back from New York

April 11, 1937 – Guests Burns and Allen

April 18, 1937 – Lady Milicent’s Husband

April 25, 1937 – In the Spring

May 2, 1937 – Buck Benny Party

Jack Benny does his best impression of Ed Wynn as he celebrates his 5th Radio Anniversary in this EPISODE from 1937.


May 9, 1937 – Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day Jack Benny does a school house play. Listen carefully for the Donald Duck joke.


April 16, 1937 – Ah Wildernes

April 23, 1937 – Jack is Sick

April 30, 1937 – Death at Midnight Part 1

May 6, 1937 – Death at Midnight Part 2

June 13, 1937 – Mary’s Movie

In this EPISODE they visit the set of Mary Livingstone’s movie!


June 20, 1937 – Jack’s Movie

In this EPISODE from 1937 they mention the 58-year-old genius Albert Einstein


johnnygreenJune 27, 1937 – Duet with Johnny Green

In this EPISODE Jack Benny’s former bandleader Johnny Green returns to show off his amazing piano playing talent in a duet with Jack on the violin.


1937 Movie Previews (Bonus)

Paramount is on the air! Check out this radio show EPISODE with Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone’s movies.


October 3, 1937 – Abe Lyman
East Coast vs West Coast

October 10, 1937 – Jack What’s-His-Name

October 24, 1937 – Jack Buys the Maxwell

October 31, 1937 – Halloween Farm Party

Celebrate Halloween with Jack Benny on the violin and Mary Livingstone singing.


November 7, 1937 – The Life of Buck Benny

lost_horizon1937movieNovember 21, 1937 – Lost Horizon

November 21, 1937 – In this EPISODE they spoof the 1937 Ronald Colman movie “Lost Horizon” directed by Frank Capra.


November 28, 1937 – Jack Cooked the Turkey

December 5, 1937 – The Big Game

December 12, 1937 – Christmas Shopping

December 19, 1937 – Little Red Riding Hood

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The Jack Benny Program 1936

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jailJanuary 19, 1936 – Jack is in Jail

“JAIL-O again” Jack is in Jail for speeding. Unfortunately the audio quality is really bad.


February 9, 1936 – Sgt.Benny of the North West Mounted

February 19 & April 19, 1936 – Drug Store / I’ve Got A Heavy Date

From 80 years ago this EPISODE of Jack Benny is really two shows in one.


February 23, 1936 – Eternal Triangle

buckrogersMarch 8, 1936 – Switching Parts

Jack and the gang switch parts in this EPISODE with very poor sound quality.


March 15, 1936 – Embassy Banquet

This EPISODE from 1936 is one of the best early Jack Benny episodes.


March 29, 1936 – CinderAllen

April 5, 1936 – Clown Hall Tonight

April 26, 1936 – Professor Benny

May 3, 1936 – Code of the Hills

May 10, 1936 – Jack Test Drives a Car

May 17, 1936 – Everybody’s Not So Hot

May 24, 1936 – Leaving NY for California

June 7 & 14, 1936 – Bennymount Studios

In the surviving portions of these EPISODES from 1936 Jack Benny meets the writers of his signature song “Love in Bloom”.


June 21, 1936 – Vacation Plans

Don Wilson gets ready to host the JELL-O Summer Show starring Tim and Irene.


October 4, 1936 – First Phil Harris

Hear a rare clip of “The JELL-O program starring Don Wilson!” then the first EPISODE of Jack Benny from fall 1936.


October 11, 1936 – Anthony Adverse Part 1

Jack Benny and the gang spoof the major motion picture “Anthony Adverse”.


October 18, 1936 – Anthony Adverse Part 2

Jack Benny talks about his new movie “The Big Broadcast of 1937”, now in theaters.


October 25, 1936 – Romeo and Juliet Preview

In the EPISODE the sponsor buts in and Jack Benny won’t stand for it! Then again…


November 1 & 8, 1936 – Girls Dormitory & Romeo and Juliet

This day in 1936 was just after the presidential election, but Jack Benny didn’t give it much attention.


November 15, 1936 – Kenny’s Anniversary

A new series begins! Head out west in this 1936 EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program for the first in the Buck Benny cowboy saga.


Carole LombardNovember 22, 1936 – Thanksgiving Plans

In this EPISODE Phil Harris is so popular movie stars like Ginger Rogers and Carole Lombard are calling him up for dates.


November 29, 1936 – Jack is Jealous of Phil

In this early EPISODE of Jack Benny, the dashing maestro Phil Harris has been making dates with beautiful movie stars and Jack is jealous.


December 6, 1936 – Money Ain’t Everything

In this episode Jack Benny takes a break from his Buck Benny western serial (or does he) to present a drama called Money Ain’t Everything.


December 13, 1936 – Andy Devine

The first episode of Jack Benny with Andy Devine the western movie sidekick.


December 20, 1936 – Old Fashioned Christmas Party

December 27, 1936 – Mary’s Mother

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny, Mary reads a letter and Andy Devine returns for the fifth instalment of the western serial Buck Benny Rides Again.


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The Jack Benny Program 1932-35

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jack May 2, 1932 – First Professional Appearance

The very first EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program!


benny-flyer-1933Spring 1933 – Best of Year 1

The BEST of the first year of The Jack Benny Program.


littlewomenWinter 1934 – Miniature Women

This is a collection of clips from early 1934  They mention parody the movie “Little Women” with Katharine Hepburn.


March 11, 1934 – Haunted House

March 18, 1934 – An Arizona Western

Eddie_Cantor romanApril 1, 1934 – The Eternal Triangle

This is an early episode in which Easter Sunday landed on April fool’s Day. The guest star is Eddie Cantor.


Don Wilson KFIApril 6, 1934 – Don Wilson’s First Show

Poor sound quality.


April 13, 1934 – Bridge Game

April 27, 1934 – New Hampshire Through a Keyhole

ToTheLastManMay 4, 1934 – The Hills of Old Kentucky

In this EPISODE from 1934 Jack Benny plays a feuding hillbilly, aiming to be the last man standing.


May 11, 1934 – Home Cooking At Don’s

May 18, 1934 – Taking a Taxi

Jack Benny takes a taxi to the studio where Frank Parker invited him to dinner with his very musical family.


July 20, 1934 – Who Killed Mr Stooge?

This early EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program mentions Mickey.


August 3, 1934 – To New York on the Twentieth Century Limited

August 24, 1934 – House of Rawchild

Jack Benny makes a joke about The Little Rascals in this EPISODE from 1934.


Jack_Benny_babyAugust 31, 1934 – The House of Benny

Hear baby Jack Benny in this EPISODE from 1934. “The House of Benny”.


September to October 1934 – First JELL-O

In this EPISODE from 1934 Jack Benny gets an award from Radio Stars magazine.


October 28, 1934 – The Bennys of Wimpole Street

November 11, 1934 – Charlie Chan in Radio City

In this early episode Jack Benny plays the Chinese detective Charlie Chan from the film series of the same name.


November 18, 1934 – Mrs Wiggs of the Onion Patch

December 02, 1934 – Rose of the Rio Grande

December 16, 1934 – Russia through a Keyhole

January 6, 1935 – The Count of Monte JELLO

In the early episode Jack Benny does his version on “The Count of Monte Cristo”.


November 3, 1935 – Kenny Baker’s Debut

Before Dennis Day there was Kenny Baker. This is a fun early EPISODE where Jack Benny meets his new singer Kenny and goes to the barber to get a shave.


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