The Jack Benny Program 1932-35

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jack May 2, 1932 – First Professional Appearance

The very first EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program!


benny-flyer-1933Spring 1933 – Best of Year 1

The BEST of the first year of The Jack Benny Program.


littlewomenWinter 1934 – Miniature Women

This is a collection of clips from early 1934  They mention parody the movie “Little Women” with Katharine Hepburn.


March 11, 1934 – Haunted House

March 18, 1934 – An Arizona Western

Eddie_Cantor romanApril 1, 1934 – The Eternal Triangle

This is an early episode in which Easter Sunday landed on April fool’s Day. The guest star is Eddie Cantor.


Don Wilson KFIApril 6, 1934 – Don Wilson’s First Show

Poor sound quality.


April 13, 1934 – Bridge Game

April 27, 1934 – New Hampshire Through a Keyhole

ToTheLastManMay 4, 1934 – The Hills of Old Kentucky

In this EPISODE from 1934 Jack Benny plays a feuding hillbilly, aiming to be the last man standing.


May 11, 1934 – Home Cooking At Don’s

May 18, 1934 – Taking a Taxi

Jack Benny takes a taxi to the studio where Frank Parker invited him to dinner with his very musical family.


July 20, 1934 – Who Killed Mr Stooge?

This early EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program mentions Mickey.


August 3, 1934 – To New York on the Twentieth Century Limited

August 24, 1934 – House of Rawchild

Jack Benny makes a joke about The Little Rascals in this EPISODE from 1934.


Jack_Benny_babyAugust 31, 1934 – The House of Benny

Hear baby Jack Benny in this EPISODE from 1934. “The House of Benny”.


September to October 1934 – First JELL-O

In this EPISODE from 1934 Jack Benny gets an award from Radio Stars magazine.


October 28, 1934 – The Bennys of Wimpole Street

November 11, 1934 – Charlie Chan in Radio City

In this early episode Jack Benny plays the Chinese detective Charlie Chan from the film series of the same name.


November 18, 1934 – Mrs Wiggs of the Onion Patch

December 02, 1934 – Rose of the Rio Grande

December 16, 1934 – Russia through a Keyhole

January 6, 1935 – The Count of Monte JELLO

In the early episode Jack Benny does his version on “The Count of Monte Cristo”.


November 3, 1935 – Kenny Baker’s Debut

Before Dennis Day there was Kenny Baker. This is a fun early EPISODE where Jack Benny meets his new singer Kenny and goes to the barber to get a shave.


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One thought on “The Jack Benny Program 1932-35”

  1. I enjoy listening to Jack Benny episodes on I’m listening tonight to the episodes from 1932-1934 and find them and the comedy enjoyable.

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