The Jack Benny Program 1938

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January 2, 1938 – Leaving for San Francisco Next Week

January 9, 1938 – In San Francisco

January 16, 1938 – Driving Back from San Francisco

January 23, 1938 – Scoop Benny Ace Reporter

January 30, 1938 – The Hurricane

January 30, 1938 – This early EPISODE of the Jack Benny Show is a parody of the movie “The Hurricane”.


February 6, 1938 – Jack Is Late

February 6, 1938 – This is an episode of the Jello Program starring Jack Benny in which they mix up the format. Jack is late, and hilarity ensues!


February 13, 1938 – Best Dressed

In this episode of Jack Benny actor Robert Taylor teaches Jack how to play a love scene by laying a passionate kiss on Mary.


Subd1February 20, 1938 – Submarine D-1

A parody of the movie “Submarine D-1” plus they talk about Jack Benny’s age.


submarineD1ShipFebruary 27, 1938 -Submarine D-1 Part Two

Jack Benny and his cast are joined by Andy Devine to conclude their version of the movie “Submarine D-1”.


March 6, 1938 – Don Wilson’s 15th Radio Anniversary

March 13, 1938 – Death in the Night Club

March 20, 1938 – Leaving for New York

March 27, 1938 – Fred Allen & Kate Smith

April 3, 1938 – Returning to Hollywood

April 10, 1938 – A Yank at Oxford

April 17, 1938 – At the Circus

April 24, 1938 – Snow White and the Seven Gangsters

Walt Disney meets Edward G Robinson in Jack Benny’s “Snow White and the Seven Gangsters”


May 1, 1938 – Home Under Construction

In this EPISODE from 1938 they debate wether or not Jack Benny is considered a movie star like the silent film comedian Harold Lloyd.


May 8, 1938 – Mother’s Day Show

It’s Mother’s Day and Jack Benny considers himself the mother bird of the cast in this EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program.


May 15, 1938 – Murder in the Library

This is an earlier EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program with some fun banter and a murder mystery skit.


May 22, 1938 – Tom Sawyer Part 1

Jack Benny plays Tom Sawyer and Mary Livingstone plays his sweetheart Becky Thatcher in this EPISODE from 1938.


May 29, 1938 – Tom Sawyer Part 2

In this EPISODE of the Jack Benny Show we learn that Phil Harris loves to ride a riverboat at night.


June 5, 1938 – Tom Sawyer Part 3

In this EPISODE Mary Livingstone jokes about a Ouija board, and Jack plays Tom Sawyer.


June 12, 1938 – Artists and Models Abroad

Mary Livingstone’s funny delivery is the highlight of this early episode, even though she does’t have very big part.


June 19, 1938 – Back Home in Indiana

Mary Livingstone sings a song and giggles when Jack joins in! EPISODE from 1938.


June 26, 1938 – Last Show of the Season

Gat the latest gossip from Louella Parsons in this EPISODE from 1938.


October 2, 1938 – Lux Radio Theater

Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone talk about appearing on the radio show Lux Radio Theatre in the play “Seven Keys to Baldpate”.


October 9, 1938 – Yellow Jack

In this EPISODE Jack Benny plays a doctor trying to prove that mosquitoes cause the spread of Yellow Fever.


October 16, 1938 – Farewell to Old Studio

In this EPISODE they mention the old age pension plan that they hoped would get the US out of the depression.


October 23, 1938 – Algiers

October 25, 1938 Andy Devine, Jack Benny and writerOctober 30, 1938 – Halloween Party

In this EPISODE Jack Benny throws a Halloween party. Broadcasting from the new NBC studio.


November 6, 1938 – The Crowd Roars

November 13, 1938 – Jack Steals a Girl from Phil Harris

November 20, 1938 – Too Hot to Handle

November 27, 1938 – Flash Benny Football Coach

December 4, 1938 – Murder at the Movies

In this EPISODE Jack Benny ribs Mary about another one of her hats.


NewYork1938December 11, 1938 – Christmas Shopping in New York

In this EPISODE from 1938 Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone are in New York where they go shopping for Christmas.


December 18, 1938 – Returning to Hollywood

December 25, 1938 – Jack’s Christmas Open House

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One thought on “The Jack Benny Program 1938”

  1. January 8, 1948 broadcast of the Burns and Allen show had Jack Benny as a guest. He and George pretend to be gypsies as Mary has suggested in the June 26, 1938 Benny Show. Funny how the ideas worked out together.

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