The Jack Benny Program 1942

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January 4, 1942 – New Year’s Eve Party at the Biltmore Bowl

January 11, 1942 – From March Field

CaroleLombard-hug-JackBennyJanuary 18, 1942 – All Music

This episode was broadcast two days after the sudden death of Jack Benny’s co-star Carole Lombard. The episode is all music.


January 25, 1942 – The Frightwig Murder Case Part 1

February 1, 1942 – The Frightwig Murder Case Part 2

February 8, 1942 – Time Change

Jack is upset because Fred Allen has moved to Sundays. More trouble with the sound effects man.


February 15, 1942 – Jack Can’t Get a Date on His Birthday

February 22, 1942 – At the San Francisco Presidio

March 3, 1942 – Jack Starts a Campaign for an Oscar

March 8, 1942 – From San Diego Marine Base

March 15, 1942 – Jack Lends Fred Allen $10

March 22, 1942 – Jack Plants a Victory Garden and Plays Golf

March 29, 1942 – The Racist Episode

A low point for The Jack Benny Show as the cast re-created a blackface minstrel show.


April 5, 1942 – Don’s Commercial

April 12, 1942 – Try and Get It

April 19, 1942 – Desperate for JELL-O

In this EPISODE from 1942 Jack Benny steals a joke from his corny sound man. And a play all about JELL-O.


April 26, 1942 – NBC San Francisco

Very fun EPISODE of the Jack Benny Show launching the new NBC studio, interrupted by a tour guide with an attitude.


April 17, 1942 – Jack Imitates Fred Allen

May 31, 1942 – Best of The JELL-O Years

For Jack Benny fans: This EPISODE is the best of The JELL-O Years.


October 4, 1942 – Share Your Car

In this EPISODE Mary Livingstone says that with his toupee slipping down, Jack Benny looks like Veronica Lake.


October 11, 1942 – Barbara Stanwyck’s House

Jack Takes Two Cadets To Barbara Stanwyck’s House.


October 18, 1942 – The Maxwell for Scrap

Jack Benny donates his old car, the Maxwell, for the scrap metal drive in support of the war effort.


October 25, 1942 – Tales of Manhattan

Jack Benny takes on the triple role of Charles Boyer, Charles Laughton and Edward G. Robinson in “Tales of Manhattan”.


November 1, 1942 – Jack and Phil Go Target Shooting

November 8, 1942 – Twink Family

The votes are in! Jack Benny is the newly elected sidewalk inspector of Beverly Hills, California.


November 15, 1942 – Dennis’ Girl Dorothy Lamour

In this Jack Benny EPISODE Dennis Day stops by with his new girlfriend… movie star Dottie Lamour!


November 22, 1942 – George Washington Slept Here Premiere

November 29, 1942 – Three Men in a Tank

In this episode Jack Benny and the gang hunt Nazi general Erwin Rommel.


December 6, 1942 – Liberty Ship

This is Phil Harris’ last show before joining the Merchant Marines with his band.


December 13, 1942 – From New York

December 20, 1942 – George Washington Slept Here

Christmas1942December 24, 1942 -Christmas Eve 1942

Command Performance featuring Bob Hope, Red Skelton, The Andrews Sisters, Spike Jones, Bing Crosby, Edger Bergen, Fred Allen with Jack Benny and more.


December 27, 1942 – New Years Eve Skit

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