The Jack Benny Program 1941

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newyear1941January 5, 1941 – Christmas Gift Exchange

Happy New Year 1941. In this EPISODE Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone tell Don Wilson about the New Year’s Eve party they attended together last week. They don’t exactly agree on the details.


January 12, 1941 – No Script

In this EPISODE Jack Benny is on-the-air and his writers have not written the show yet… And a robot!


January 19, 1941 – City of Conquest

About Jack Benny’s footprints. An EPISODE from 1941.


Herbert_Marshall_in_The_LetterFebruary 2, 1941 – Herbert Marshall Hosts

The Jack benny Program without Jack Benny.


February 8, 1941 – Salute to Greece (BONUS)

Jack Benny and Bob Hope host a charity broadcast with a Hollywood guest stars.

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Jack signs 1941February 9, 1941 – Jack Benny is Back

The Sponsor Likes Herbert Marshall.  They talk about Phil Harris’ new song “That’s What I Like About The South”.


February 16, 1941 – Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise! It’s Jack Benny’s Birthday and his pals throw him a party!


tipiMotel BW
February 24, 1941 – Tipi Motel

While the rest of the cast is staying in the high end hotels in Palm Springs, Jack Benny is staying at the Tipi Motel, which he says is named after the owner T.P. Ginsburg.


March 2, 1941 – Taquitz Falls

In this EPISODE of the podcast I contrast the real Navajo with the stereotype character in the Jack Benny episode.


the-racquet-clubMarch 9, 1941 – Murder at the Racquet Club

March 9, 1941 – The Jack Benny Show is broadcasting from Palm Springs with special guests Peter Lorie and the Guadalajara Trio.


arm and hammerMarch 16, 1941 – Jack’s New Muscle

In this EPISODE Jack Benny’s new arm muscle is compared to the box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.


Tobacco Road movieMarch 23, 1941 – Tobacco Road

Everyone plays hillbillies in this EPISODE of Jack Benny where they spoof the movie “Tobacco Road”.


March 30, 1941 – Jack Works in His Garden

In this EPISODE from 1941 Don Wilson mentions that he is in a western movie as Sheriff Slim.


April 6, 1941 – Quiz Kids Versus JellO Kids

April 13, 1941 – Jack Prepares for Appearance on the Quiz Kid

April 20, 1941 – Jack’s Upset about His Appearance on the Quiz Kids

Listen to highlights of Jack Benny’s appearance on the Quiz Kids in this EPISODE from 75 years ago today.


April 27, 1941 – Murder at the Movies

In this EPISODE of the Jack Benny show, the gang tries to solve a murder at a movie theater.


May 11, 1941 – NBC Tribute to Jack Benny’s Tenth Anniversary

May 18, 1941 – Charley’s Aunt

May 25, 1941 – The Life of Philbert Harris

Phil Harris and Alice Faye get married! Then “Mr. District Attorney” Thomas E Dewey does a guest spot that is all business.


June 1, 1941 – Battleship

Broadcasting from the San Diego Naval Training Centre, in this EPISODE Jack Benny visits a Battleship.


October 5, 1941 – From New York

October 12, 1941 – Columbus Day

October 19, 1941 – Train to LA

October 26, 1941 – Dive Bomber

October 26, 1941 – In this EPISODE Jack Benny wants to play the most dramatic role in “Dive Bomber”.


November 2, 1941 – Halloween Celebration

November 9, 1941 – Football Game

November 16, 1941 – He Fumbled the Ball

November 23, 1941 – Thanksgiving Day Dinner

November 30, 1941 – Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

Jack Benny plays both Jekyll and Hyde in this EPISODE’s spoof of the Spencer Tracy horror movie.


December 7, 1941 – Pearl Harbor

This EPISODE of Jack Benny is from the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor.


December 14, 1941 – Bird on a Stick

December 28, 1941 – Jack Talks about a Christmas Party He Gave

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