The Jack Benny Program 1940

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January 7, 1940 – Golden Boy

A great EPISODE of Jack Benny with a guest star reprising her movie role…sort of.


January 14, 1940 – Violin Movie
Jack Benny plays one of the world’s great violinists in this EPISODE’s spoof of the 1939 Ingrid Bergman movie “Intermezzo”.


January 19, 1940 – Radio Guide (Bonus)

Jack Benny and his cast are featured in this variety show EPISODE to promote the launch of “Movie & Radio Guide”.


January 21, 1940 – Jack’s Girlfriend
Jack Benny tries to call his girlfriend in this EPISODE from 1940. That’s Z-Y-B-Y-S-K-O


January 28, 1940 – Murder on the Bay Bridge

This EPISODE of Jack Benny was recorded live for a huge crowd in Oakland, CA to raise money for Polio research.


January 30, 1940 – The March of Dimes (Bonus)

In this EPISODE of the March of Dimes Jack Benny and Eddie Cantor do an old school vaudeville routine.


jackmaryFebruary 4, 1940 – Leaving for Yosemite
This EPISODE of Jack Benny picks up just after their live show. It ends as a “to be continued” with the gang on the way to Yosemite.


February 11, 1940 – Arriving at Yosemite
Jack and the gang are driving to Yosemite. Jack is compared to racer driver Barney Oldfield.


February 18, 1940 – Skiing at Yosemite
In the only serial of it’s kind on the JELL-O Program, Jack Benny and the gang finally arrive in Yosemite to ski.


February 25, 1940 – Birthday In Yosemite
In this EPISODE from 1940 Jack Benny is in bed on his birthday after his skiing accident and Frank Nelson is the doctor! Plus, Mary jokes about the Rover Boys…wait, who are the Rover Boys?


March 3, 1940 – Gracie for President
Gracie Allen shows up to campaign for president in this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1940.


March 10, 1940 – Mr.Benny Goes to Washington
In this EPISODE from 1940 Jack Benny takes on Jimmy Stewart’s role in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.


March 17, 1940 – Hunchback of Notre Dame
Orson Welles teaches Jack Benny acting in this EPISODE from 1940. Jack learns to grunt like Quasimodo.


March 24, 1940 – June Moon (Bonus)

In this EPISODE of Orson Welles’ dramatic radio program, Jack Benny is the guest star.


March 24, 1940 – Pinocchio Trailer

Happy Easter! This EPISODE from 1940 has a sketch “written by Don Wilson” plus an Ed Sullivan clip.


March 31, 1940 – Pinocchio

This EPISODE of Jack Benny is a spoof of Pinocchio and includes the Disney songs with just a few JELL-O twists.


April 7, 1940 – Buck Benny is Back

This EPISODE is the return of Jack Benn’s old Buck Benny western skit, just ahead of his new Buck Benny movie.



April 14, 1940 – To New York by Train

Calling all adventure fans! This EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program is on the move!


April 21, 1940 – From the Ritz Theater NY

“That’s Hellzapoppin!” What? This EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program is on location in New York.


April 24, 1940 – Buck Benny Rides Again (BONUS FILM)

What if the Jack Benny film “Buck Benny Rides Again” was an old radio episode? Listen to find out.


April 28, 1940 – Buck Benny at the Paramount Theater

In this EPISODE Jack and the gang are in New York for the premiere of Buck Benny Rides Again.


May 5, 1940 – Clown Hall Tonight

In this EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program from May 1940, they spoof the Fred Allen Show




May 12, 1940 – Returns on a Plane

What was it like to fly on a commercial airline in 1940? Find out in this EPISODE of the Jack Benny Show.


May 19, 1940 – Northwest Passage

The skit in this EPISODE of Jack Benny is a spoof on a forgotten Technicolor movie “Northwest Passage”.


May 26, 1940 – Party for Sponsor

“Hors d’oeuvre: A Ham Sandwich Cut into 40 Pieces.” Classic joke from this EPISODE of Jack Benny.


June 2, 1940 – Hillbilly Feud

In this EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program Rochester buys a racehorse on an installment plan.


[ ]

June 9, 1940 – Vacation Plans

“What’s going on here!” Dennis Day is hilarious in this EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program from June of 1940.


June 16, 1940 – Father’s Day

Henreeee, Henry Aldrich! makes a guest appearance in the 1940 season finale of the Jack Benny Program.


June 19, 1940 – Fred Allen Interviews Jack Benny (Bonus)

In this EPISODE from 1940 Jack Benny is interviewed by Fred Allen. The most passive-aggressive feud yet.


October 6, 1940 – Jack Tells His Childhood Story

October 13, 1940 – Phil Tries to Collect a World Series Bet

October 20, 1940 – Jack Tries to Sell the Maxwell

In this EPISODE from October 1940, Jack Benny tries to trade in his old Maxwell for this new luxury convertible.


October 20, 1940 – Screen Guild Theater (Bonus)

In this EPISODE Jack Benny tries to replace Basil Rathbone as the love of Claudette Colbert in a radio play.


October 27, 1940 – Hold That Line

November 10, 1940 – Dog Catcher of Beverly Hills

November 17, 1940 – Jack Waits to See a Movie Director

November 21, 1940 – Baby Snooks with Jack Benny (Bonus)

In this variety show EPISODE from 1940 Jack Benny is featured alongside Baby Snooks.


November 24, 1940 – Jack Is Held up on His Way to Don’s House

December 8, 1940 – Don Is Mad and Walks Out

December 15, 1940 – From the Ritz Hotel in New York

December 17, 1940 – “Love Thy Neighbor” Preview (Bonus)

Jack Benny and Fred Allen Star in the movie “Love Thy Neighbor”. This EPISODE is a radio preview of the movie.


December 22, 1940 – Christmas Shopping

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