The Jack Benny Program 1944

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Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill

January 2, 1944 – New Years Eve
This day in 1944 Jack Benny and friends look back on the year with the allegory of The World Series: The Axis vs The Allies.


Camel1943January 9, 1944 – Pet Camel

In this EPISODE Jack Benny takes home his new pet camel. The camel sounds are performed by a young Stan Freberg in his only appearance on the Jack Benny show.


January 16, 1944 – From Camp El Toro California

January 23, 1944 – From Camp Muroc California

January 30, 1944 – The Horns Blows at Midnight

In this EPISODE Jack Benny fights for a love scene in his upcoming movie “The Horn Blows at Midnight”.


February 6, 1944 – From Terminal Island 

February 13, 1944 – From March Field

February 20, 1944 – Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx is the guest on this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1944.


February 27, 1944 – Hollywood Canteen

surrey with ethe fringe on topMarch 5, 1944 – Now Cut That Out!

In this episode Jack Benny responds to Fred Allen calling him “The Surrey With No Fringe On Top”. It’s also the first time Jack says NOW CUT THAT OUT!


robert taylor navyMarch 12, 1944 – Live at Air Base

In this EPISODE Jack Benny and the gang are live at a Navy air base near San Fransisco.


March 19, 1944 – Barbara Stanwyck

Dennis dreams he has his own show. Barbara Stanwyck is the guest star. References include the Merry Mac’s hit song “Mairzy Doats”.


April 2, 1944 – Louella Parsons

Gossip columnist Louella Parsons is expected to visit for an interview with Jack benny.


April 9, 1944 – Repairing Jack’s Sidewalk

April 16, 1944 – Bob Hope’s Brother

April 16, 1944 – The Bob Hope Show Parody. Jack benny and the gang are broadcasting from Stockton Airfield in San Joaquin county.


April 23, 1944 – Dennis Leaves for the Navy

Broadcasting from Vancouver BC, Canada. This is his last episode before Dennis Day leaves for the Navy.


April 28, 1944 – The Life Story of Jack Benny

May 4, 1944 – G.I. Jive

This is the last EPISODE sponsored by Grape Nuts Flakes in which Phil Harris sings “G.I. Jive”.


May 21, 1944 – Split Personality

Funny EPISODE of the Jack Benny Show. The death of a fictional gangster and “Sympathy Cough Syrup. Remember, Sympathy spelled backwards is Yhtapmys”


June 14, 1944 – Infantry

Jack Benny at Camp Adair, Oregon in May 14, 1944. Listen to this EPISODE for the infantry.


October 1, 1944 – New Sponsor Lucky Strike

In this wartime EPISODE Jack Benny compares himself to General Patton. Jack is just back from entertaining the troops with the USO.


1944 sinatra
October 8, 1944 – Frank Sinatra Offered Dennis’ Job

Frank Sinatra is a guest on this EPISODE from 1944. Plus Jack Benny tries to tip with expired ration tokens.


October 15, 1944 – From Gardner Field Taft California

November 5, 1944 – The Mentalist

Jack Benny visits Dunninger the mentalists and finds a news singer, Larry Stevens.


November 19, 1944 – From Corona Naval Hospital

November 26, 1944 – How Jack and the Gang Spent Thanksgiving Day

December 3, 1944 – Jack Gets Mad and Goes Home

December 10, 1944 – From San Bernardino California

December 17, 1944 – Meeting Frank Sinatra in the Drugstore

December 24, 1944 – Trimming a Tree

December 31, 1944 – Jack Resolves to Be Friends with Fred Allen

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