The Jack Benny Program 1945

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January 7, 1945 – The Vault

This is the debut episode of Jack Benny’s vault, the racetrack tout, and Mel Blank’s train announcer who always announces “Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga”.


mrsnussbaumJanuary 14, 1945 – Mrs. Nussbaum’s Restaurant

Broadcasting from New York, this episode features Fred Allen.


January 21, 1945 – Ice Skating in Central Park

January 28, 1945 – From Mitchell Field with Ann Sheridan

February 4, 1945 – From St Albans Naval Hospital in New York

February 11, 1945 – From Glen View AFB, Illinois

February 18, 1945 – From St Joseph Missouri

February 25, 1945 – Fitzsimons Hospital in Denver

March 4, 1945 – From Hollywood Train Station

March 11, 1945 – How Jack Met Rochester

March 18, 1945 – How Jack Found Mary

March 25, 1945 – Murder Mystery

April 1, 1945 – How Jack Met Phil Harris

Jack Benny has received the honorary title of “Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska” and it’s going to his head.


April 8, 1945 – Torney Hospital in Palm Springs

April 22, 1945 – 29 Palms Air Station

April 29, 1945 – Professor LeBlanc

May 6, 1945 – How Jack Hired Don Wilson

May 13, 1945 – Jack Is Going to San Francisco

May 20, 1945 – In San Francisco

May 27, 1945 – Larry Adler

It’s the last show of the season before Jack Benny goes on his USO tour in Europe with harmonica player Larry Adler.


September 30, 1945 – Steve Bradley Publicity Man

eddetsfield-oct41October 7, 1945 – Brooklyn Dodgers

Phil Harris is in love, and Mary Livingstone goes to a World Series game with Jack Benny.


October 14, 1945 – Gaslight

Ingrid Bergman reprises her Oscar-winning role in “Gaslight”.


October 21, 1945 – Racehorse Dream

In this EPISODE Jack Benny and the gang talk about the latest horse race. Plus Tokyo Rose.


October 28, 1945 – Publicity Stunt

In this EPISODE Jack Benny runs a publicity stunt and news commentator Erskine Johnson plays himself with the scoop.


November 4, 1945 – Jack in Bed

November 11, 1945 – Joe Louis Acts As Jack’s Bodyguard

November 18, 1945 – Birmingham Hospital

Broadcasting from Birmingham Hospital in Van Nuys, California. Prize fighter Joe Louis wants Jack Benny to teach him comedy.


CassDaley1945November 25, 1945 – Cass Daley

This episode features a brief but exuberant appearance by radio comedy star Cass Daley.


pile of mailDecember 2, 1945 – I Can’t Stand Jack Benny Contest

Finish this sentence “I can’t stand Jack Benny because…” in 50 words or less.


December 9, 1945 – Ronald and Benita Colman

This is the first episode with Ronald and Benita Colman and the second episode of the “I Can’t Stand Jack Benny Because…” contest.


i cant stand mailmanDecember 16, 1945 – Contest Mail

Jack benny gets a lot or mail for the “I Can’s Stand Jack Benny” contest. Gossip Columnist Louella parsons has a cameo.


December 23, 1945 – The English Butler

The Colemans visit Jack Benny for Christmas dinner in this EPISODE from 1945.


rochester mail-crop
December 30, 1945 – End of the “Can’t Stand Benny” Contest

Thousands of people sent in letters (50 words or less) as part of a contest in 1945. Listeners were told to finish the sentence “I Can’t Stand Jack Benny Because…”. In this EPISODE Jack gets the letters in the mail.


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