The Jack Benny Program 1946

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January 6, 1946 – The Hot Dog Man

This is the first EPISODE of Jack Benny with the hot dog man who we later come to know as Mr. Kitzel singing “Pickle in the middle and the mustard on top!”


State-Fair-pig-lobbyJanuary 13, 1946 – State Fair Part One

This episode features an Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy impersonator and the gang spoofs the movie “State Fair”.


State Fair PosterJanuary 20, 1946 – State Fair Part Two

In this episode Jack Benny and the gang continue their spoof of the musical “State Fair”.


One-zy two-zy 46January 27, 1946 – Contest Winners

Fred Allen Announces Contest Winners and Phil Harris sings “One-zy, Two-zy” with his daughter.


February 3, 1946 – Isaac Stern Concert

Ronald Colman reads the winning poem from the I Can’t Stand Jack Benny contest.


February 10, 1946 – Guest Eddie Cantor

Eddie Cantor is the guest star on this EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program.


February 17, 1946 – Rochester Lost at Sea …Briefly

Rochester was really lost at sea the week of this EPISODE from 1945.


February 24, 1946 – Palm Springs Shopping

This EPISODE from 1946 will have you singing “Pickle in the middle and the mustard on top!”


March 3, 1946 – Murder at Lone Palm

This EPISODE starts a bit slow, but gets really funny at the 10 minute mark when Jack gets to the studio.


March 10, 1946 – Lost Weekend

The Lost Weekend was the Best Picture winner of 1945. In this EPISODE the star of that movie was Benny’s guest.


March 17, 1946 – Dennis Day Returns

In this EPISODE the cast of The Jack Benny Program impersonate the cast of the Fred Allen show.


Peter-Lorre-1946March 24, 1946 – I Stand Condemned

This EPISODE of the Jack Benny program from 1946 has a surprise guest with a famously creepy voice.


March 31, 1946 – A Sad Soldier Discharged

Listen to this lively EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program recorded at a military base in California.


April 7, 1946 – Weekend at the Acme Plaza

RonnieandBscriptmicApril 14, 1946 – Violin Practice

Jack Benny’s violin practice interrupts Ronald Colman’s monologue.


USSSaratoga1946April 21, 1946 – USS Saratoga

In this EPISODE Jack Benny entertains aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga, which was being made ready for an atom bomb test.


April 28, 1946 – Danny Kaye

In this EPISODE Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Dennis Day and Phil Harris go to see Danny Kaye’s new movie “The Kid From Brooklyn”.


May 5, 1946 – Leaving For Chicago

All aboard the Chief train to Chicago! Jack Benny and the gang get ready for their upcoming trip.


May 12, 1946 – Chicago Quiz Kids

In this EPISODE Jack Benny is visiting Chicago and challenges The Quiz Kids to a trivia contest.


1946-nyMay 19, 1946 – Fred Allen’s Invitation

In this EPISODE Jack Benny and his cast are in New York, the home of Jack’s rival Fred Allen.


May 26, 1946 – Ed Sullivan Award

Classical music composer David Rose, wrote a song dedicated to Jack Benny called “The Waukegan Concerto”.


September 29, 1946 – Phil and Dennis Have Their Own Shows

This day in 1946 Jack Benny is humming the hit song of the day “South America, Take it Away”.


October 6, 1946 – Calls of Congratulations

It’s Jack Benny’s 15th anniversary on the air and Jack gets calls of congratulations. They tune in to the 1946 World Series on the radio and things don’t quite go as planned.


October 13, 1946 – Charlie McCarthy

Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone walk to the studio and run into Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.



October 20, 1946 – The Fiddler

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny they joke about cereal that makes noise when you add the cream – *Snap *Crackle *Pop!.


October 27, 1946 – The Quartet Murder

Mary Livingstone orders a “Swiss Cheese” sandwich.


November 3, 1946 – After Halloween

Jack Benny tries to break his contract with the Sportsmen quartet. Plus the Lord Calvert Whiskey ads featuring The Men of Distinction.


adatewjradioNovember 10, 1946 – Jack Gets a Haircut

Jack fires and re-hires the Sportsmen quartet.


November 17, 1946 – Leo Durocher

In this EPISODE from 1946 Jack Benny’s neighbor Ronald Coleman meets loud-mouth baseball manager Leo Durocher.


killers-1946November 24, 1946 – The Killers

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny the gangster star Edward G Robinson shows up for their version of the suspense thriller “The Killers”.


phil baker 46December 1, 1946 – Phil Baker

After his violin lesson with Professor LeBlanc, Jack Benny does a duet with Phil Baker on accordion.


December 8, 1946 – Christmas Shopping

One of the best of Jack Benny! In this EPISODE from 1946 Jack goes Christmas shopping and can’t decide what kind of shoelaces to get his announcer.


December 15, 1946 – Jack Exchanges Dons Gift

This Jack Benny EPISODE is a fun follow up to the classic Christmas shopping show. Plus they make fun of this car.


December 22, 1946 – Christmas Party at Birmingham General Hospital

December 29, 1946 – Go to a Night Club

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