The Jack Benny Program 1947

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January 5, 1947 – Bogie and Bacall

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1947 Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall are the guests in a recreation of the movie “To Have and Have Not” that goes awry.


January 12, 1947 – Burns and Allen Tune In

In this EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program George Burns and Gracie Allen visit. Listen to find out why Gracie tries to kiss Jack.


borisbedlemJanuary 19, 1947 – Boris Karloff

January 19, 1947 – Most of this episode is recycled from March 1946, only with horror movie actor Boris Karloff.


POH-A7A08B29_299 - © - Archives du 7e Art/DR

January 26, 1947 – John Benny

In this EPISODE from 1947 Jack Benny announces he is changing his name to something more dignified, John Benny. Then they do a skit based on the movie “Margie”.


Margie 1946

February 2, 1947 – It’s a Wonderful Life

After seeing “It’s a Wonderful Life” at the movies Jack Benny meets and angel who shows him what it would be like if he had never been born. They also happen to run into Frank Capra, in this EPISODE from 1947.


February 9, 1947 – What Happens After the Show Goes off the Air

JackBennyViolin1947February 16, 1947 – Birthday Dinner Party

In this EPISODE Jack Benny hosts a dinner party for his birthday with Isaac Stern the violinist, actor Ronald Colman.


February 23, 1947 – Jack Fires The Sportsmen

In this memoirs Jack Benny said that he was particularly proud of his timing in this episode.


March 2, 1947 – Quartet Has Been Fired

In this EPISODE we find out what happens after Jack Benny fires the Sportsman quartet. The sponsor is not happy.


March 9, 1947 – Replacement Quartet

In this EPISODE Jack Benny on his violin is compared to the latest horror movie in theaters.


March 13, 1947 – Jack Benny Hosts 1947 Oscars

Listen to this BONUS EPISODE of the 19th Academy Awards Ceremony hosted by Jack Benny.


March 16, 1947 – After the Oscars

in this EPISODE Jack Benny introduces his new quartet – Dennis Day, Andy Russell, Dick Haymes and Bing Crosby.


March 23, 1947 – Sportsmen Quartet is Back

In this EPISODE from 1947 Mary Livingstone is gardening and Jack Benny silently wonders if he can use Vigoro Plant Grow on his head.


Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 9.21.06 PMApril 6, 1947 – Samuel Goldwyn

It’s Easter Day! After an egg hunt, Jack Benny goes to pitch a movie idea to producer Samuel Goldwyn.


April 13, 1947 – Jack Fixes a Phonograph

Listen to the intro to this EPISODE for a clipping from a Newsweek cover story about Jack Benny

Right now Jack Benny is the funniest man on radio.
-Newsweek March 31, 1947


April 20, 1947 – The Egg and I

The late lobby cardApril 27, 1947 – Tickets for the Colmans

In this EPISODE Jack Benny is getting ready for his stage tour and drops off tickets to his program for Ronald and Benita Colman.


May 4, 1947 – To the Train Station for Chicago

May 11, 1947 – Marjorie Reynolds

May 18, 1947 – Al Jolson

May 25, 1947 – Fred Allen and Jack Paar

October 5, 1947 – Jack Is Back from Sun Valley Vacation

October 12, 1947 – Jack Fixes Breakfast

October 19, 1947 – Golf Match

Jack Benny is on the green in this EPISODE from 1947.


October 26, 1947 – Seventh Hole at Hillcrest Country Club

November 2, 1947 – Dark Passage

Jack Benny take on the Humphrey Bogart role in “Dark Passage” as fugitive who must change his face.


November 9, 1947 – Costume Party

Dennis Day impersonates Ronald Coleman in one of the laugh out loud funniest episodes ever!


November 16, 1947 – Jack’s Driver’s License

In this EPISODE Jack Benny goes to get his driver’s license renewed.


November 23, 1947 – Movie of Jack’s Life 

November 30, 1947 – Turkey Dream

December 7, 1947 – Violin Lesson

December 14, 1947 – Sprained Ankle

December 21, 1947 – Last Minute Christmas Shopping

December 28, 1947 – 1947 Review

In this New Years EPISODE of Jack Benny they mention the “New Look” in fashion from 1947.


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