The Jack Benny Program 1948

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January 4, 1948 – Jack Tries to Get Tickets for the Rose Bowl

Diaper ServiceJanuary 11, 1948 – Leaving For Denver

In January of 1948 Shirley Temple was expecting her first baby. In this EPISODE Jack Benny say he’s going to send her an application for his diaper service.


dime-of-marchJanuary 18, 1948 – Denver March Of Dimes

January 18, 1948 – Jack Benny is in Denver for a live show to raise funds for the March of Dimes.


January 25, 1948 – Train to Hollywood

Kubelsky? Listen for Jack Benny’s real name in this EPISODE from 1948.


aDoubleLife0February 1, 1948 – A Double Life

In this EPISODE Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone go to a special screening of Ronald Colman’s movie “A Double Life”. 


February 8, 1948 – Nightmare Alley

February 15, 1948 – Jack Turns 39

February 22, 1948 – Guest Frank Sinatra

February 29, 1948 – Jack’s Girlfriend Gladys Comes to Rehearsal

March 7, 1948 – Jack Benny Is the Walking Man

March 14, 1948 – Winner of the Walking Man Contest

March 21, 1948 – Ronald Coleman’s Oscar

This EPISODE of Jack Benny aired the day after the Academy Awards in 1948.


March 28, 1948 – Jack Is Robbed!

“Your money or your life.” Listen to the EPISODE from 1948 that is still talked about today.


April 4, 1948 – Bing Crosby’s Oscar

In this EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program from 1948 Jack visits Bing Crosby hoping to borrow his Oscar!


Paul Lukas oscarApril 11, 1948 – Paul Lukas’ Oscar

Jack goes to Palm Springs and meets silent film star Charles Farrell and Academy Award winner Paul Lukas.


April 18, 1948 – Charlie Farrell

charleysaunt-colorApril 25, 1948 – Charley’s Aunt Dress

Jack Benny bring out his old dress from the movie Charley’s Aunt, and Don brings in opera singer Dorothy Kirsten to join the Sportsmen quartet.


May 2, 1948 – Frank Sinatra

In this EPISODE from 1948 Jack Benny tries to negotiate with Frank Sinatra on his singing fee.


May 9, 1948 – Ronald Colman’s Oscar Returned

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny the stolen Oscar is finally returned…or was it ever gone? And they mention Annie.


May 16, 1948 – Robert Taylor

May 23, 1948 – The Egg and I

May 30, 1948 – I was framed

June 6, 1948 – Leaving for Detroit

Great EPISODE of Jack Benny. Phil Harris and Alice Faye are compared to the Toni Twins from this home perm ad.


June 13, 1948 – Detroit

In this EPISODE from Detroit, Don Wilson says “I carry quite a bit of weight in this town.” Listen for the response.


June 20, 1948 – Baseball and Bob Hope

In this EPISODE from 1948 Jack Benny is in Cleveland with Bob Hope!


June 27, 1948 – From New York

The last show of the season 1948.


swissalpsOctober 3, 1948 – Swiss Alps Echo

Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris and Alice Faye are back from their summer trip in Europe.


October 10, 1948 – Travel Diary

Rochester reads Jack Benn’s diary. Later they listen to the 1948 World Series on the radio.


October 17, 1948 – Sorry Wrong Number

In this EPISODE Jack Benny has his own version of the 1948 film “Sorry Wrong Number”.


October 24, 1948 – Dinner With The Colman


October 31, 1948 – Trick or Treating

November 7, 1948 – Jack Sees Psychiatrist

November 14, 1948 – Mary is Late

November 21, 1948 – The Advertising Agency

November 28, 1948 – How We Spent Thanksgiving

December 5, 1948 – Professor La Blanc Gives Jack a Violin Lesson

December 12, 1948 – Jack Tries to Relax at Home

December 19, 1948 – Christmas Shopping

The classic Christmas shopping episode where Jack Benny goes to a department store to buy a wallet for Don Wilson.


December 22, 1948 – CBS Special

December 25, 1948 – Christmas Command Performance

Christmas episode featuring Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Herbert Marshall, Jimmy Durante and more!


December 26, 1948 – Comedian of the Year

The last show for NBC before switching to CBS. Jack Benny thinks the movie “Portrait of Jennie” should be “Portrait of Bennie”.


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