The Jack Benny Program 1949

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January 2, 1949 – First Broadcast on CBS

After 16 years on NBC radio, Jack Benny has moved to the CBS network.


January 9, 1949 – Jimmy Stewart
In this EPISODE Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone run into Jimmy Stewart eating lunch.


vault2January 16, 1949 -Trading Places with Ronald Colman

In this EPISODE Ronald Colman dreams that he is Jack Benny and that Jack is him.


January 23, 1949 – Don Wilson’s Contract

In this EPISODE Jack Benny is tries to get his announcer, Don Wilson, to sign his contract for next season, without giving him a raise in pay.


January 30, 1949 – Don Still Won’t Sign

In this EPISODE Phil Harris is in Washington DC to entertain at President Truman’s Inaugural Ball with his wife Alice Faye.


February 6, 1949 – Claudette Colbert and Vincent Price

Don Wilson signs his contract. References include a pyramid club.


February 13, 1949 – Mr. Finque

It’s Jack Benny’s birthday and everyone sings Happy Birthday except one guy in the audience.


hornbFebruary 20, 1949 – Jack Warner

Jack Benny is planning to do his movie “The Horn Blows at Midnight” on The Ford Theater radio program. Jack Warner of the Warner Brothers Studio tries and talk him out if it.


February 27, 1949 – Jack Has a Music Lesson

March 6, 1949 – A Day at the Races

March 13, 1949 – After the Races

March 20, 1949 – Mary and Van Are Late

March 27, 1949 – Ozzie and Harriet
In this EPISODE Jack Benny is spring cleaning when they get a phone call from Ozzie and Harriet.


April 3, 1949-04 – American Heart Association

April 17, 1949 – Easter Parade

April 24, 1949 – The Maxwell Trade In
In this EPISODE from April 1949 Jack Benny learns a new dance.


treasuremadreMay 1, 1949 – The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Jack Benny, Mel Blanc and the gang do their version of the Humphrey Bogart movie “The Treasure of The Sierra Madre”.


eddiecosmoMay 8, 1949 – Generous Jack

Eddie Cantor stops by and discusses the article he wrote about Jack Benny in Cosmopolitan magazine.


Uncle Hoagy

May 15, 1949 – Jack Lends Phil $2,000

In this EPISODE from 1949 Jack Benny visits his vault, has a violin lesson and meets songwriter Hoagy Carmichael.


May 22, 1949 – The Champion and the Set Up

May 29, 1949 – Margaret Whiting

May 29, 1949 – Jack Benny introduces all of the members of his cast and talks about his new short film for the Opportunity Bond Drive “The Spirit of ’49”.


September 11, 1949 – Bus Tour

Jack Benny has such great supporting players that Jack himself is barely in this EPISODE from 1949.


September 18, 1949 – Edward My Son

In this Jack Benny EPISODE Mel Blanc has a hilarious one-word impression of Al Jolson!


September 25, 1949 – Edger Bergen and Red Skelton

This EPISODE of the Jack Benny show has 4 guests. 5 if you count the dummy.


October 2, 1949 – Jack’s Memory is Lost Part 1

Jack Benny is cheap. That is, until one day…


October 9, 1949 – Jack’s Memory is Lost Part 2

How the generous Jack Benny became cheap. This EPISODE from 1949.


October 16, 1949 – Recovering from a Cold

October 23, 1949 – Jack is Recovering

In this EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program Mel Blanc does his Al Jolson impression in song. Neyyya!


October 30, 1949 – Don Wilson’s Story of 25 Years

November 6, 1949 – Jack Rides in a Yacht

November 1949 – Last Week’s Mistakes

November 20, 1949 – Jack Goes to Rehearsal

November 27, 1949 – Playing Cards

The Jack Benny Show is the original show about nothing. In this EPISODE Jack stays home and plays cards.


December 11, 1949 – Texas Benefit

December 18, 1949 – Christmas Shopping for Sister

An unusual Christmas shopping EPISODE of Jack Benny where they mention the Hollywood Park Goose Girl.


December 25, 1949 – Shocked at Christmas

Spend Christmas 1949 trimming the tree with Jack Benny and the gang!


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