The Jack Benny Program 1949

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January 2, 1949 – First Broadcast on CBS

After 16 years on NBC radio, Jack Benny has moved to the CBS network.


January 9, 1949 – Jimmy Stewart
In this EPISODE Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone run into Jimmy Stewart eating lunch.


January 16, 1949 – Jack’s Scrapbook

January 23, 1949 – Don Wilson’s Contract

In this EPISODE Jack Benny is tries to get his announcer, Don Wilson, to sign his contract for next season, without giving him a raise in pay.


January 30, 1949 – Don Still Won’t Sign

In this EPISODE Phil Harris is in Washington DC to entertain at President Truman’s Inaugural Ball with his wife Alice Faye.


February 6, 1949 – Claudette Colbert and Vincent Price

Don Wilson signs his contract. References include a pyramid club.


February 13, 1949 – Mr. Finque

It’s Jack Benny’s birthday and everyone sings Happy Birthday except one guy in the audience.


February 20, 1949 – Jack Wants to Appear on Ford Theater

February 27, 1949 – Jack Has a Music Lesson

March 6, 1949 – A Day at the Races

March 13, 1949 – After the Races

March 20, 1949 – Mary and Van Are Late

March 27, 1949 – Ozzie and Harriet
In this EPISODE Jack Benny is spring cleaning when they get a phone call from Ozzie and Harriet.


April 3, 1949-04 – American Heart Association

April 17, 1949 – Easter Parade

April 24, 1949 – The Maxwell Trade In
In this EPISODE from April 1949 Jack Benny learns a new dance.


May 1, 1949 – The Treasure of Sierra Madre

May 8, 1949 – Jack Is Upset with the Cast

Uncle Hoagy

May 15, 1949 – Jack Lends Phil $2,000

In this EPISODE from 1949 Jack Benny visits his vault, has a violin lesson and meets songwriter Hoagy Carmichael.


May 22, 1949 – The Champion and the Set Up

May 29, 1949 – Margaret Whiting

May 29, 1949 – Jack Benny introduces all of the members of his cast and talks about his new short film for the Opportunity Bond Drive “The Spirit of ’49”.


September 11, 1949 – Bus Tour

Jack Benny has such great supporting players that Jack himself is barely in this EPISODE from 1949.


September 18, 1949 – Edward My Son

In this Jack Benny EPISODE Mel Blanc has a hilarious one-word impression of Al Jolson!


September 25, 1949 – Edger Bergen and Red Skelton

This EPISODE of the Jack Benny show has 4 guests. 5 if you count the dummy.


October 2, 1949 – Jack’s Memory is Lost Part 1

Jack Benny is cheap. That is, until one day…


October 9, 1949 – Jack’s Memory is Lost Part 2

How the generous Jack Benny became cheap. This EPISODE from 1949.


October 9, 1949 – Jack is Recovering

In this EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program Mel Blanc does his Al Jolson impression in song. Neyyya!


October 23, 1949 – Jack Is Recovering from Nose Surgery

October 30, 1949 – Don Wilson’s Story of 25 Years

November 6, 1949 – Jack Rides in a Yacht

November 1949 – Last Week’s Mistakes

November 20, 1949 – Jack Goes to Rehearsal

November 27, 1949 – Playing Cards

The Jack Benny Show is the original show about nothing. In this EPISODE Jack stays home and plays cards.


December 11, 1949 – Texas Benefit

December 18, 1949 – Christmas Shopping for Sister

An unusual Christmas shopping EPISODE of Jack Benny where they mention the Hollywood Park Goose Girl.


December 25, 1949 – Shocked at Christmas

Spend Christmas 1949 trimming the tree with Jack Benny and the gang!


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