The Jack Benny Program 1951

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January 21, 1951 – Jack Goes to the Doctor for a Check-Up

January 28, 1951 – Guest Show

January 11, 1951 – How Palm Springs Was Founded

February 18, 1951 – Jack Watches TV

March 4, 1951 – Jack Goes to the Dentist

The early Benny broadcasts sound like they were underwater. So listen to this later EPISODE Jack Goes to the Dentist.


April 1, 1951 – Jack Leaves for New York to Do a TV Show

April 8, 1951 – A Visit from the Irs

April 15, 1951 – The IRS Visits Jack Again

April 22, 1951 – The IRS Visits Jack a Third Time

April 29, 1951 – From Nellis Air Force Base

April 6, 1951 – I Was Shanghaid

May 13, 1951 – Jack Prepares to Go to New York to Do His TV

May 20, 1951 – Bob Crosby

When you can’t get Bing Crosby the very next best thing is Bing’s brother Bob.


May 27, 1951 – Doctor Visit

Sixty-five-dol-lar, la-la da-da-ba-ba blah-bla-singa-inga-aba-ba-ba-ba-ma-ma-sina-na-na hmm-mn-mn-mn-ma-ma- Sold to American!


June 3, 1951 – The Show Credits

In this EPISODE Jack Benny references an incident where Bing Crosby was turned away from a swanky hotel because the clerk didn’t recognize him and said he “looked like a bum”.


September 16, 1951 – USO Tour in Korea

In this EPISODE from 1951 Jack Benny is returning from his tour with Errol Flynn entertaining the troops in Korea.



September 23, 1951 – Captain Horatio Hornblower

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1951 Jack does his version of Gregory Peck’s latest romantic adventure movie.


October 28, 1951 – Jack Loses His Song

November 4, 1951 – Jack’s Life Story

Harry Shearer talks about being working with Mel Blanc as a child. And this EPISODE tells Jack Benny’s life story.


November 25 1951 – Dennis Day’s Movie

Dennis Day co-stars in “Golden Girl” in 1951 and in this EPISODE Jack Benny has a run-in with his mother at the theater.


December 2, 1951 – Jack Buys Don Cuff Links for Christmas

December 9, 1951 – Palm Springs Murder Mystery

December 9, 1951 – Quadalajara Trio Sings Jacks Song

December 16, 1951 – Jack Renews His Drivers License

December 23, 1951 – Christmas Tree Decoration


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