The Jack Benny Program 1951

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January 21, 1951 – Jack Goes to the Doctor for a Check-Up

January 28, 1951 – Guest Show

January 11, 1951 – How Palm Springs Was Founded

February 18, 1951 – Jack Watches TV

March 4, 1951 – Jack Goes to the Dentist

The early Benny broadcasts sound like they were underwater. So listen to this later EPISODE Jack Goes to the Dentist.


April 1, 1951 – Jack Leaves for New York to Do a TV Show

20qsApril 8, 1951 – The IRS Visit

In this EPISODE Jack Benny is worried because the I.R.S. called to say they are coming over to talk to him about his tax return.


April 15, 1951 – The IRS Visit Part 2

The IRS agents that visited Jack Benny in last week’s episode return, and then visit Jack’s neighbors, Ronald and Benita Colman.



April 22, 1951 – The Circus Sideshow

In this EPISODE Jack Benny and the gang go to the circus including the Side Show and the Tunnel of Love.



April 29, 1951 – From Nellis Air Force Base

April 6, 1951 – I Was Shanghaid

May 13, 1951 – Jack Prepares to Go to New York to Do His TV

May 20, 1951 – Bob Crosby

When you can’t get Bing Crosby the very next best thing is Bing’s brother Bob.


May 27, 1951 – Doctor Visit

Sixty-five-dol-lar, la-la da-da-ba-ba blah-bla-singa-inga-aba-ba-ba-ba-ma-ma-sina-na-na hmm-mn-mn-mn-ma-ma- Sold to American!


June 3, 1951 – The Show Credits

In this EPISODE Jack Benny references an incident where Bing Crosby was turned away from a swanky hotel because the clerk didn’t recognize him and said he “looked like a bum”.


September 16, 1951 – USO Tour in Korea

In this EPISODE from 1951 Jack Benny is returning from his tour with Errol Flynn entertaining the troops in Korea.



September 23, 1951 – Captain Horatio Hornblower

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1951 Jack does his version of Gregory Peck’s latest romantic adventure movie.


October 28, 1951 – Jack Loses His Song

November 4, 1951 – Jack’s Life Story

Harry Shearer talks about being working with Mel Blanc as a child. And this EPISODE tells Jack Benny’s life story.


November 25 1951 – Dennis Day’s Movie

Dennis Day co-stars in “Golden Girl” in 1951 and in this EPISODE Jack Benny has a run-in with his mother at the theater.


December 2, 1951 – Jack Buys Don Cuff Links for Christmas

December 9, 1951 – Palm Springs Murder Mystery

December 9, 1951 – Quadalajara Trio Sings Jacks Song

December 16, 1951 – Jack Renews His Drivers License

December 23, 1951 – Christmas Tree Decoration


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