The Jack Benny Program 1952

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January 6, 1952 – Suspense

January 13, 1952 – Jack Gets a Haircut

In this EPISODE of the Jack Benny program Jack is trying to get someone to make a record of the song that he wrote. He calls Dinah Shore and her husband George Montgomery.


January 20, 1952 – George Burns Sings Jack’s Song

February 3, 1952 – Wolfe Gilbert to Publish Jacks Song

February 10, 1952 – To New York to Publish Jacks Song

February 17, 1952 – NY Symphony Plays Jacks Song

Danny-Frankie-Groucho-GeorgeMarch 2, 1952 – Surprise Guests

A quartet of surprise guests show up in this EPISODE from Palm Springs.


March 9, 1952 – The 4th TV Show of the Season

At this time Jack was on TV every 6 weeks. Listen to this EPISODE of his radio show just before his TV show.


March 16, 1952 – Trying to Lose Weight

This EPISODE celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with Jack Benny and the good ol’ Irish boy Dennis Day.


the continental 1952March 23, 1952 – Oscar Night

Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone attend the Academy Awards and Jack does his impression of the romantic TV personality “The Continental”.


March 30, 1952 – My Naval Career

In this EPISODE Jack Benny recreates his time in the Navy. Anchors Aweigh!


April 6, 1952 – Jack Opens His Swimming Pool

April 13, 1952 – Jack Benny Opens his swimming pool for the season. Jack goes to the doctor played by Frank Nelson.


April 13, 1952 – Jack and Mary Walk in the Easter Parade

April 20, 1952 – All Hands on Deck

“All Hands on Deck…OR…Load the guns with Tabasco sauce, here come the shrimp boats.”


April 27, 1952 – Bend in the River

Jimmy Stewart, shows up to play his part in Jack Benny’s version of the new western movie “Bend in the River”.


May 4, 1952 – Jack Fixes the Phonograph

May 5, 1952 – Jack Takes the Beavers to the Zoo

May 18, 1952 – Down on the Farm

Which presidential candidate was described as “hep” in his campaign ad? Find out in this EPISODE.


rms-queen-elizabethMay 25, 1952 – Violin Practice for London Trip

Jack prepares for his trip to London, goes to his vault, and then gets a visit from Dennis Day’s mother.


June 1, 1952 – Phil’s Last Show

This EPISODE from 1952 was Phil Harris’ last show. A really funny episode.


September 14, 1952 – Phil Replaced by Bob Crosby

This is the first EPISODE of Jack Benny with Bob Crosby as bandleader.


September 21, 1952 – In Scotland

In this episode we get to know Bing Crosby’s less famous brother Bob.


September 28, 1952 – High Noon

In this episode Jack Benny plays Gary Cooper’s character in their version of the western “High Noon”.


October 5, 1952 – Scoop Benny

In this episode Bob Crosby tries to improve Jack Benny’s band.


October 12, 1952 – The Gopher Trap

In this EPISODE Jack Benny tries to catch a gopher (played by Mel Blanc).


October 19, 1952 – Darryl F. Zanuck

In this EPISODE Jack Benny asks producer Darryl F. Zanuck of 20th Century Fox to make “The Life of Jack Benny” into a movie.


October 26, 1952 – Gossip Article

Louella Parsons is back to write a gossip article on Jack Benny. This is a recycled script from April 2, 1944.


November 2, 1952 – Trick or Treating

November 9, 1952 – Vitamin Shot

In this EPISODE Jack Benny goes to the doctor to get a vitamin shot and runs into Bugs Bunny in the waiting room.


December 7, 1952 – Happy Time

December 14, 1952 – A Gopher Trap for Don

December 21, 1952 – From Veteran’s Hospital Long Beach

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