The Jack Benny Program 1953

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January 11, 1953 – The Road to Bali

In this 1950s EPISODE Jack Benny does a spoof of “Road to Bali”, but is interrupted by the movie’s star, Bob Hope.


January 18, 1953 – Elephant Umbrella Stand

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny they talk about Dennis Day’s brother, James McNulty who would marry actress Ann Blyth.


January 25, 1953 – Betting at the Track

Rerun of January 25, 1953. At one point Mary quotes the Patti Page song “I Went To Your Wedding”.


February 8, 1953 – English Horse

In this EPISODE from 1953 Mel Blanc does his impression of an English Horse.


February 15, 1953 – The Life of Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby star of “Road to Bali” is the guest star in this EPISODE of Jack Benny from this day in 1953.


February 22, 1953 – Kids Impersonate Jack Benny

This EPISODE is a re-used script from April 23, 1950.


March 1, 1953 – To New York Railroad Station

March 8, 1953 – The Snows of Kilimanjaro

In this 1953 EPISODE of Jack Benny, Don Wilson wonders why his calendar isn’t selling as well as Marilyn Monroe’s.


March 15, 1953 – How Palm Springs Was Founded

March 22, 1953 – A Walk through Beverly Hills

April 12, 1953 – Missing Heir

In this EPISODE from 1953 Jack Benny will inherit $5,000 if he will only confirm that his real age is not 39.


April 26, 1953 – From San Francisco

May 3, 1953 – Lieutenant Governor

Broadcasting from San Francisco! Jack Benny and the gang meet California Lieutenant Governor Goodwin Knight.


May 10, 1953 – From San Francisco

May 17, 1953 – I Flew To Mars

May 24, 1953 – Insurance Medical Exam

Vintage boxing, Classic horror, and an EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program from 1953!


September 13, 1953 – Back from Vacation in Hawaii

In this EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program from 1953 the joke about Liberace’s gleaming white teeth.


September 13, 1953 – Honolulu Trip (TV BONUS)

Marilyn Monroe’s first Television appearance was on this EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program.


September 20, 1953 – Return to Paradise

In this EPISODE from 1953 Mary Livingstone is asked about being on the cover of  “Woman’s Home Companion”.


September 27, 1953 – Polly at the Psychiatrist

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1953 Jack takes his parrot, played by Mel Blanc, to the psychiatrist.


Save a wife weekOctober 4, 1953 – The World Series

The man who coined the phrase “Nice guys finish last” is guest on Jack Benny, and hear Rochester’s take on “Save a Wife Week”


October 11, 1953 – Jack Tries to Sell His House

October 18, 1953 – Wings of the Hawk

October 25, 1953 – Jack Buys a G String

November 1, 1953 – 4 O’Clock in the Morning

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1953 Jack is woken up by a phone call from an overnight DJ.


November 8, 1953 – All American

November 15, 1953 – Preparing for TV Show

November 29, 1953 – Jack Buys a Turkey

December 6, 1953 – To Palm Springs without Polly

December 13, 1953 – Christmas in Palm Springs

December 20, 1953 – Cactus Christmas Tree

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