The Jack Benny Program 1953

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January 11, 1953 – The Road to Bali

In this 1950s EPISODE Jack Benny does a spoof of “Road to Bali”, but is interrupted by the movie’s star, Bob Hope.


January 18, 1953 – Elephant Umbrella Stand

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny they talk about Dennis Day’s brother, James McNulty who would marry actress Ann Blyth.


January 25, 1953 – Betting at the Track

Rerun of January 25, 1953. At one point Mary quotes the Patti Page song “I Went To Your Wedding”.


February 8, 1953 – English Horse

In this EPISODE from 1953 Mel Blanc does his impression of an English Horse.


February 15, 1953 – The Life of Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby star of “Road to Bali” is the guest star in this EPISODE of Jack Benny from this day in 1953.


February 22, 1953 – Kids Impersonate Jack Benny

This EPISODE is a re-used script from April 23, 1950.


March 1, 1953 – To New York Railroad Station

March 8, 1953 – The Snows of Kilimanjaro

In this 1953 EPISODE of Jack Benny, Don Wilson wonders why his calendar isn’t selling as well as Marilyn Monroe’s.


March 15, 1953 – How Palm Springs Was Founded

March 22, 1953 – A Walk through Beverly Hills

April 12, 1953 – Missing Heir

In this EPISODE from 1953 Jack Benny will inherit $5,000 if he will only confirm that his real age is not 39.


April 26, 1953 – From San Francisco

Jack-1953-Gisele MacKenzieMay 3, 1953 – Gisele MacKenzie

In this EPISODE from 1953, Jack benny is broadcasting from San Francisco with his guest Gisele MacKenzie.


May 10, 1953 – Lieutenant Governor

Broadcasting from San Francisco! Jack Benny and the gang meet California Lieutenant Governor Goodwin Knight.


Flight to MarsMay 17, 1953 – I Flew To Mars

In this EPISODE Jack Benny takes the characters from the TV show “Space Patrol” and the plot of the movie “Flight to Mars” and  to do his own science fiction play: “I Flew to Mars in a Space Ship”.


May 24, 1953 – Insurance Medical Exam

Vintage boxing, Classic horror, and an EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program from 1953!


53indy500May 31, 1953 – The Indy 500

In this EPISODE Mel Blanc does the sound effects for cars zooming by, as Jack Benny listens to the Indy 500 on the radio.


September 13, 1953 – Back from Vacation in Hawaii

In this EPISODE of the Jack Benny Program from 1953 the joke about Liberace’s gleaming white teeth.


September 13, 1953 – Honolulu Trip (TV BONUS)

Marilyn Monroe’s first Television appearance was on this EPISODE of The Jack Benny Program.


September 20, 1953 – Return to Paradise

In this EPISODE from 1953 Mary Livingstone is asked about being on the cover of  “Woman’s Home Companion”.


September 27, 1953 – Polly at the Psychiatrist

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1953 Jack takes his parrot, played by Mel Blanc, to the psychiatrist.


Save a wife weekOctober 4, 1953 – The World Series

The man who coined the phrase “Nice guys finish last” is guest on Jack Benny, and hear Rochester’s take on “Save a Wife Week”


October 11, 1953 – Jack Tries to Sell His House

October 18, 1953 – Wings of the Hawk

October 25, 1953 – Jack Buys a G String

November 1, 1953 – 4 O’Clock in the Morning

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1953 Jack is woken up by a phone call from an overnight DJ.


November 8, 1953 – All American

November 15, 1953 – Preparing for TV Show

November 29, 1953 – Thanksgiving Dinner

Jack Benny and Rochester do a cupboard inventory for thanksgiving dinner.


December 6, 1953 – To Palm Springs without Polly

December 13, 1953 – Christmas in Palm Springs

December 20, 1953 – Cactus Christmas Tree

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