The Jack Benny Program 1954

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January 10, 1954 – The Don Wilson Story

In they EPISODE of Jack Benny they joke about Zsa Zsa Gabor and Giesler the “Attorney to the Stars”.


jb r jan 1954January 17, 1954 – Parking Ticket

This episode begins with Jack Benny and the gang having lunch at the drug store and ends with Jack fighting a parking ticket in court.


Dan Mcgrew Text
January 24, 1954 – Bob Crosby at Home

After a look at the home life of Bob Crosby, Jack Benny and the gang dramatize the Robert W Service poem “The Shooting of Dan McGrew”.


January 31, 1954 – At Premiere with Sam Goldwyn

Dennis' ParentsFebruary 7, 1954 – Dennis Day’s Parents

Jack Benny is visited by a ten-year-old Harry Shearer and Mel Blanc sings “Baa Baa Baa”.


February 14, 1954 – Jack Turns 40

Happy Birthday Jack Benny! In this EPISODE Jack turns 40…or does he?


February 21, 1954 – To NY for Tv Show

February 28, 1954 – Jack’s Life Story

March 7, 1954 – Frank Fontaine and Giselle McKenzie

March 14, 1954 – Twenty Questons

A recycled script from November 5, 1950. On the train to Los Angeles Jack Benny and the gang are playing twenty questions.


March 21, 1954 – The Mean Old Man

March 28, 1954 – Jack and the Beanstalk

April 4, 1954 – Secret of the Psychiatrist

In this EPISODE from 1954 Jack Benny plays a psychiatrist and Mel Blanc plays a man who thinks he’s a refrigerator.


April 11, 1954 – Jack’s New Contract

In this EPISODE FROM April 11, 1954 Jack Benny hasn’t received a new contract from the sponsor. Is he fired? Plus The Etiquette of Smoking.


April 11, 1954 – Jack Plays Gracie (TV BONUS)

BONUS EPISODE – On the Jack Benny television program the guests are George Burns and Gracie Allen. But Gracie is late so Jack dresses up as Gracie and does her routine.


April 18, 1954 – Easter Parade

This EPISODE from 1954 was so good they played it twice (re-run in ’55). Listen to Jack Benny on his Easter Parade.


April 25, 1954 – Seance at Jack’s Home

April 2, 1954 – Jack Loses $4 75 at Santa Anita

May 9, 1954 – The Beach

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny from 1954 one of the characters compares himself to baseball star Joe DiMaggio, currently Mr. Marilyn Monroe.


May 16, 1954 – The French Restraint

May 23, 1954 – Jack’s Trip to Las Vegas

June 6, 1954 – Jack Goes to Dallas

It’s the last show of the season and Jack Benny is getting ready for a personal appearance in Dallas. They mention the Irwin Allen documentary “The Sea Around Us”.


sept54 script titleSeptember  1954 – Behind the Scenes

A look behind the scenes of the Jack Benny radio show. Featuring the rehearsal and the pre-edit master recording.


September 26, 1954 – Is the Show on the Air?

In this fun EPISODE from 1954, the Jack Benny program is off the air and replaced with the Harry Horlick and his A&P Gypsies.


October 3, 1954 – Garden of Evil

Be a part of the Jack Benny audience. This recording comes from the Jack Benny master tapes. Plus excerpts from the rehearsal.


October 10, 1954 – Polly at Psychiatrist

October 17, 1954 – The Purple Pirate

drive-in horn overlayOctober 24, 1954 – Drive-In Movie

In this EPISODE Jack Benny, Dennis Day and Don Wilson go to see a double feature the drive-in movie theatre.


October 3, 1954 – Jack Tries to Fire Sportsmen

November 7, 1954 – Jack Sees a Doctor

November 14, 1954 – Dinner at Don’s House

November 21, 1954 – Jack Sick in Bed

pinky_leeNovember 28, 1954 – Psychiatrist Office

Jack Takes Dennis to the Psychiatrist. Meanwhile it’s the sportsman quartette’s birthday.


December 5, 1954 – Christmas Shopping for Paints

The last Christmas Shopping EPISODE of the Jack Benny radio show. Poor Mel Blanc!


December 12, 1954 – Preparing for Palm Springs

December 19, 1954 – Christmas at Palm Springs

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