The Jack Benny Program 1955

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January 2, 1955 – Jack Takes Gertrude to Rose Bowl

January 9, 1955 – The Elephant’s Graveyard Mystery

January 16, 1955 – Jack Doesn’t Have a Script

January 23, 1955 – Betting at the Track

Rerun of January 25, 1953. At one point Mary quotes the Patti Page song “I Went To Your Wedding”.


February 13, 1955 – Surprise Party

Jack Benny misses his surprise birthday party! If you listen carefully to this EPISODE you’ll learn Jack’s real age.


February 20, 1955 – Kids Impersonate Jack Benny

This EPISODE is of Jack Benny is a re-run from 1953.


In this episode they mention hula dancer Hilo Hattie.

February 27, 1955 – Jack’s TV Breaks While Watching Wrestling

DanMcGcGrew title card
March 27, 1955 – The Shooting of Dan McGrew

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny is a re-run from 1954.


April 3, 1955 – Ed and the Vault

Easter Parade Jack Benny Mary

April 18, 1954 – Easter Parade

This EPISODE from 1954 was so good they played it twice (re-run in ’55). Listen to Jack Benny on his Easter Parade.


April 17, 1955 – Bob Hope and Jack Double Date

April 24, 1955 – Renting the Maxwell to a Movie Studio

May 1, 1955 – Love Letters

May 9, 1954 – The Beach

In this EPISODE of Jack Benny is a re-run from 1954.


May 15, 1955 – A Friend at Union Station

May 22, 1955 – Final Show

Good-bye Jack Benny. The very last episode of the Jack Benny radio show features Mel Blanc as an interrupting sound effects man.


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